• 150k Real Spotify Streams4u! 100% Seller rating
  1. This service isn't drip feed, if you wish to have drip feed, message before you buy!
  2. Limited sale, will only be up for certain time just like my last sale on 120k views, I know how much you people loved it, got lots of orders!
  3. Only order quick delivery if you have more than one song

Recommend to split between 2 songs min! Up to 8 songs max, must be even split between x amount of songs you use. CHEAPEST SERVICE WORLDWIDE. Message me if you are looking for millions of streams or a custom offer!

This is a fast service, views will delivery within few days!

This is meant to be a drip feed service and can take up to 10 days, nice and steady streams-4-u!
If you wish to have your order down faster, please buy my bigger packages for views! Thank you!

This is a unique listing, only exclusive to SEOLads family! I currently sell millions of streams to Spanish music companies and solely independent artist for the cheapest rate worldwide!

How does it work? You'll buy this service. Give me your playlist link and I'll send 30k plays to that playlist.
ex1: If you have 20 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~1.5k plays.
ex2: If you have 10 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~3k plays.
ex3: If you have 5 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~6k plays.

  • >> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • >> The only one that provides this UNIQUE service!
  • >> Fast Start
  • >> HQ Custom Location Plays! Coming mostly from USA, and Europe
  • >> No password Required.
  • >> Slow , Safe & Reliable Delivery
  • >> Get Royaltees
  • >> 60 seconds play minimum.
  • >> Direct supplier of sp0tify services, so you'll get top notch services & customer support!
  • Limited time offer!!!
If you require a custom order, for example millions of streams, I can also provide. Please direct message me for more information

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Buyers Comments

  • itsabc

    hey I'm interested, but in the description it first states that it isn't drip feed and shortly after you state that it is indeed drip feed over 10 days... can you explain please?

    4 days ago
  • itsabc

    Ok perfect! Give me about a week or 2 to get the money please

    3 days ago
  • jonathanbonilla

    hello, are these plays from real people?
    are these generated by a few people or by almost the same amount as the plays, or each play is a person listening?

    3 days ago
  • Streams4U

    It's high rate of listeners, you'll get roughly 30-50k listeners. Many people listen

    3 days ago
  • jonathanbonilla

    Could you please explain what is drip feed. sorry for the ignorance. questioning is good as I am about to get that order off you
    Also, you are saying 150k but then in the description you are saying you are sending 30k.... can you please clarify, if we are getting 150k plays or 30k ?

    3 days ago
$225 - In stock