• TrafficDemon - Generate UNLIMITED TRAFFIC For Life
  • TrafficDemon - Generate UNLIMITED TRAFFIC For Life
  • TrafficDemon - Generate UNLIMITED TRAFFIC For Life

Version: 1.2.6

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

.NET Framework


Not Included

Looking to give your stats a nice boost(or skyrocket them!) or even start your own website traffic business? In either case you have found the last software package you will ever need!

With TrafficDemon you can start anendless stream of visitors from all around the world in just matter of seconds, it's as simple as filling out the fields, hitting 'Start' and letting it run.

Watch Your Traffic Stats Explode Today!

★★ Free Updates & Customer Support For Life! ★★



★★ Features ★★
  • Send Traffic To Unlimited URLs At Once
  • Set Hits To Send Per URL
  • Generate Unlimited Traffic
  • Multithreading
  • Optional Randomized Referring Websites
  • Full Public & Private Proxy Support
  • Traffic Log
  • Randomly Visit Other Pages *New
  • Multiple Randomized User-Agent Options
  • Allow/Disallow Images(Saves Bandwith)
  • Allow/Disllow JavaScript
  • Randomized Visit Times

★★ What You'll Receive ★★
  • License Key Within 15 Hours(Usually within 6)
  • All Updates Free For Life
  • Customer Support All Year Round


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Do I need proxies?
The bot will function perfectly normal without proxies but this will mean that hits are only coming from your 1 IP.

How fast can traffic be sent?
Speeds will be determined by the proxies you're using, visit time you set and also the amount of threads you're running at once. Because of these factors it's not something I can provide a specific answer for at this time.

How long after purchase will I receive my License key?
License Keys will almost always be provided within 6 hours but in rare cases may take up to 15. Depending on the time of day keys will often be delivered within just a couple of hours.

How can I get support?
You can message me via the on-site inbox anytime and I will get back to you at the soonest possible time.

Is it AdSense safe?
This actually the most common question I receive but unfortunately it's also not one that I can give a simple yes or no answer for. Being AdSense safe really comes down to the way you choose to use TrafficDemon and not TrafficDemon itself.

An example would be that if you were using very low quality proxies and only doing visitors for a second or two then AdSense may not like it where as better proxies and longer view times could work quite well. I recommend doing your own AdSense research to determine if you feel it's safe to use or not.

Will traffic show in Google Analytics?
The answer for this question is almost the exact same question directly above about AdSense. What I mean by this is that the way you choose to use TrafficDemon will ultimately determine if visitors show on Google Analytics or not.

Can I request a feature?
Sure! Send me a message anytime.


User Ratings

  • rasheed123
    rasheed123 3 days ago

    hi dear are they real visiter it can improve sales can you till me the best way to us it

  • healthclubnews
    healthclubnews 1 month ago

    doesn't seem to be working ...after i load one or two urls into the program and set the number of hits ...it goes to one then does nothing else.....what am i doing wrong and what should all the different setting be set on.....thanks

  • aronaxe
    aronaxe 2 months ago

    awesome experience. Super quick response and the software is awesome. Analytics quality traffic! Allout A+

  • Mulbe
    Mulbe 2 months ago

    this tool is just incredible, it exceeds my expectation, thank you for your work

  • fadonius
    fadonius 2 months ago

    The software is awesome, exactly what I needed and works without any problems. Thank you very much for your time invested into development! The delivery was very fast and all worked from the first time, so thank you very much.

  • evanrizo
    evanrizo 3 months ago

    You are great, thanks very much

  • ctvglobal
    ctvglobal 3 months ago

    Hi K,

    The software works good!

    Thank you,

  • y5zone
    y5zone 3 months ago

    Working just fine

  • samurailast95
    samurailast95 4 months ago

    I love your Traffic Demon, it works great!

  • rhb194
    rhb194 4 months ago

    I have installed the traffic demon but where can I get proxies to import

  • johnmozo
    johnmozo 5 months ago

    Outstanding service, everything like in description. Strongly recommend.

  • zimodd
    zimodd 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot, I tested TrafficDemon, but I noticed that it does not use proxy, but generates traffic only from my country, I am wrong somewhere in the settings or works on this principle

  • Boyohboy
    Boyohboy 6 months ago

    Thank you so much the software is very easy to install, please kindly send me the instructions on how to use the
    software as I am a newbie. Thanks once again.

  • netflickxxx
    netflickxxx 7 months ago


    thanks! Bot is working fine I guess.

    How about geo options?


  • beachboytrell
    beachboytrell 7 months ago

    Ok thank you for sending me the link for the software

Buyers Comments

  • Amer2019

    Can target single country?

    11 months ago
  • NdouCalvin

    can i use it to increase youtube views ?

    10 months ago
  • 88marketing

    hello , can for gambling site ? and can targeting indonesian trafic ?

    10 months ago
  • Darylbjr

    Can this product be used on any formatted url ?

    9 months ago
  • jimmywpu

    I bought a long time ago. It says unlimited updates. Please send me the updated version. I have messaged you in your inbox

    9 months ago
  • jimmywpu


    9 months ago
  • kiias90

    Do you provide proxies?

    8 months ago
  • drdanny410

    Are you still selling this? Thanks

    8 months ago
  • junaidullah03

    Hello sir if i buy software after some days i reinstall my windows can the same key is working my Software or you may send me new one ? also key working multi version or only 1.
    thank you

    8 months ago
  • Bormey

    Does this work with YT?

    7 months ago
  • SchoochyMoney3

    Does this bot work for spinrilla mixtapes? such as views, downloads and streams?

    6 months ago
  • Rusty44

    Hello Traffic Demon what operating system do I need for this software.

    6 months ago

    Hi there, Do you have any demo video that I can see to under how software works? Does it works with Youtube?

    4 months ago
  • KnyazIgor

    this program will bring the site to the top to the search engine saw my site at the top

    2 months ago
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