• Bot for SoundCloud, Twitter, YouLikeHits, and more - followers, likes, reposts, plays
  • Bot for SoundCloud, Twitter, YouLikeHits, and more - followers, likes, reposts, plays
  • Bot for SoundCloud, Twitter, YouLikeHits, and more - followers, likes, reposts, plays

Version: 0.1.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac, Webware, Code, Other

Additional Requirements


Not Included

Hello! And welcome to your new personal marketing assistant! This all-in-one bot will automatically like, follow, repost, and play content which gets you tons of REAL likes and followers!

This app works on every major social media platform and it's multithreaded which means you can bot Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and more AT THE SAME TIME.

There are a few things about this bot that make it different than many others. Here are a few reasons:

Here are a few screenshots from inside the bot. Aside from the amazing UI and ease of use, the bot is incredibly powerful and comes with multiple modules.

Bots Included:
  1. SoundCloud Play Bot: Use proxies to get free SoundCloud plays
  2. SoundCloud Promo Bot: Automatically like, follow and repost tracks
  3. Twitter Promo Bot: Automatically like, follow and retweet tweets
  4. YouLikeHits Point Bot: Automatically listen to songs and watch videos to earn free points on YouLikeHits!
  5. Traffic Bot: Use proxies to send traffic to any website! Sometimes also works to get YouTube views (on videos without ads enabled)
  6. Proxy Browser: Browse the internet and give each tab a different proxy. Manage multiple social media accounts from the same browser!
  7. Custom Module: If you still aren't convinced, code your own module in Javascript and make the bot do whatever you want!
  1. Multithreaded environment (run dozens of modules at the same time)
  2. Comes with auto-scraped proxies. You can also provide your own for more privacy!
  3. Set breaks for each bot module to maximize your scheduling power
  4. Set delays and duration for each action (between follows, likes, plays, etc)
  5. This is not for people who want fake followers, using this bot will get real followers and likes on your accounts!
What you get:
  1. A download link for Mac and Windows (use whichever you want)
  2. An account to login to the bot with.
  3. A total of 7 bots!
  4. Updates for life! Different modules are added all the time
  5. Premium Status, ad-free app usage, open virtually unlimited tabs
  1. What OS do I need? Windows 7 and above or Mac 10.9 and above
  2. What type of proxies are supported? HTTPS Proxies
  3. Do I need to supply my own proxies? NO. The bot comes with an auto-updating list of proxies but you can add your own private proxies as well!
  4. How fast is the bot? It can generate 500 - 4000 quality plays an hour depending on your settings and the quality of proxies available.
  5. Note that sometimes websites change their layout and the bot needs to be updated, but you get all updates for free! ToS applies to all purchases.

User Ratings

    FALMUTAWA 5 days ago

    it works but its not that good ... anyhow thanks

    • ian2000

      Asked him multiple times if he needed help setting it up and he didn’t respond. Bad buyer

  • drewj02
    drewj02 10 days ago

    I had a little bit of problems at first but Ian helped me, i would fr suggest this to all my friends its easy to use like its all set up all you have to do is start it up

    • ian2000

      great buyer! thanks for your order glad to see the bots are helping you succeed

  • mace2
    mace2 26 days ago

    It works thanks! Is this your app? It is INCREDIBLE!

    • ian2000

      glad you like it, it took me a long time to make so glad to see it helping people great buyer

  • Coolguy26
    Coolguy26 1 month ago

    Very fast delivered in minutes! Program works well! Already increased 2000 plays.

    • ian2000

      great buyer! glad you like the app

  • Ericgoch
    Ericgoch 1 month ago

    hey again, when i start the app up it say new update but never finishes it says taking longer then usual?

    • ian2000

      Hi we will take care of it immediately thanks for letting us know

  • webuyfollowers
    webuyfollowers 1 month ago


    • ian2000

      Thanks for the order glad you find it useful

  • EugeneBurke
    EugeneBurke 1 month ago


    • ian2000

      thanks for the order!

  • quietune
    quietune 1 month ago


    • ian2000

      thanks for the order!

  • TheLarkOfficial
    TheLarkOfficial 1 month ago

    Immediate service and faster than expected. 10/10

    • ian2000

      thanks for the nice feedback glad you enjoy the bot

  • pushalink
    pushalink 1 month ago

    this is just perfect! great work!

    • ian2000

      glad you enjoy the program thanks

  • ballers288
    ballers288 1 month ago


    • ian2000

      thanks for your order! good luck

  • FlowGod
    FlowGod 2 months ago


    • ian2000

      thanks for your order! good luck

  • galaxiankat432
    galaxiankat432 2 months ago

    Great app and easy to use,was set up in no time at all and works well.

    • ian2000

      thanks for the nice review glad you find the bot useful! good luck!

  • leec3535
    leec3535 2 months ago

    I will give the seller for AAA+++ recommendation for his prompt service and quick response any issues are immediately resolve and the transaction are smooth.... nothing to say but nothing to regret to transact with him.

    • ian2000

      Pleasure working with you, my friend. nothing but good things to you as well. hope to continue working with you in the future!

Buyers Comments

  • aaaamusic

    Is this engagement coming from within US?

    1 month ago
  • ian2000

    Hi good question. The proxies that come with the bot have random locations. But you can customize the proxies which lets you choose the country. If you own a lot of private proxies you can make the plays come from any country such as the US.

    1 month ago
  • HatZpApA

    Can you get twitter followers with this bot ? and how many followers per hour ?

    17 days ago
  • ian2000

    This bot does not generate fake followers, it automates activity on Twitter. But this interaction does give you real followers, and the rate is variable. We do not guarantee anything because it does depend on your account and your content. Generally, you will see good steady growth if you leave the bot running

    17 days ago
  • carboat4

    Does this bot generate likes for soundcloud?

    13 days ago
  • ian2000

    Sorry it's a little confusing. The bot can generate SoundCloud plays. For likes, followers, etc it can only earn those. But that's the whole point, it earns real followers for you by interacting with other artists and fans.

    12 days ago
  • carboat4

    OH Ok thank, But if I use the account creator the bot can send likes to songs using the bots correct?

    11 days ago
  • ian2000

    Hi again, this bot package does not currently include an account creator but this is planned for a future update (updates are included with this purchase).
    but good news is You Can still link unlimited accounts to this bot

    11 days ago
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