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Boost your crypto marketing with cheap sponsored tweet on our twitter profile. As someone who is many years in social media and cryptocurrency industry I will provide you best quality for cheapest price.

Will tweet your message advertisement to over 13,8K+ followers and good engagement.

Advertise your Twitter profile, crypto business or affiliate link to over 18K HQ active followers to gain more followers, visitors to your link.

28 day summary (Tweet impressions 216K) with change over previous period (screenshot 05.Dec 2017)

28 day summary (Tweet impressions 292K) with change over previous period (screenshot 20.Feb 2018)

Boost your Twitter exposure and SALES!
This account is mostly about Blockchain, ICO and Token,, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency.


Most of our followers are from USA and UK!

This service is recommenced:- to get an important social media presence on Twitter; - to fast rank a website or webpage (only if you'll use the extras);- to try getting fast indexed a fresh published website/web page;- safe content curation.

Limitations :
What the user will and will not tweet about. Pornography, hate and other unlawful Tweets Not Accepted!

This service is recommented:
- to get an important social media presence on Twitter;
- to fast rank a website or webpage (only if you'll use the extras);
- to try getting fast indexed a fresh published website/web page;
- safe content curation.

Accept only tweets in English!

We don't guarantee any kind of likes and followers. Our followers are real and they engage to things they're interested in. It's individual's own choice to follow or not, we can't force anyone for any action.

- I cannot guarantee any sales (it's very less probable to get a sale via one tweet), ret.weets or favorites;
- I do not submit adult, alcohol, spammy links.

- your message + link + a maximum 3 hashtags (it must have under 280 chars and spaces - please test it if it can be tweeted).

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User Ratings

  • komodo919
    komodo919 6 months ago

    Thanks for the quick and accurate service.

  • pro1
    pro1 7 months ago


  • cahcepaz
    cahcepaz 9 months ago

    Honest and fast delivery!

  • tlmihseo
    tlmihseo 9 months ago

    great service again!

  • tlmihseo
    tlmihseo 9 months ago

    another great and amazing service!

  • mymyners
    mymyners 10 months ago

    Shit. made a mistake with the pic. Can you repost and delete old one?

    its fine if you cant I understand but I would appreciate it ? <3 Thanks either way

    if you repost its the same exact post with a different image which I attached here

    • viraltraffic

      I'm sorry, but the job was done.I did not like sharing this page, because the suspicion of a fraud website is given.I've received negative comments for this tweet, I'm not interested in jeopardizing my reputation on twitter.Regards,Mike

  • airdropland
    airdropland 10 months ago

    Excellent service with a very fast delivery.Thank you so much !

    • viraltraffic

      Thank you !

  • Recept
    Recept 10 months ago

    Good seller, fast service, will buy again!

    • viraltraffic

      Thank you !

Buyers Comments

  • samderekfigg

    It states to contact you before I buy. I want to send you the information I want you to tweet, to see if you are indeed able to tweet it.

    12 months ago
  • tejara1


    You can tweet about our free tokens, or our video. Let me know.

    9 months ago
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