I will manually create 20+ PR5-9 Paul-Angela High Authority Profile backlinks, best links forever,

You are lucky:
A well-established phenomena in the SEO world are the Paul-Angela Backlinks. It is a well-known fact that these are very effective. The reason for this is that these sites are at the Top End of Google’s Page Ranking System, each and every one of them is considered and “Authority Site” by Google. Did you realize that after all of Google’s “Panda” “Penguin” and now “Hummingbird” updates these links are some of the ONLY ones that will help your site now? Google’s updates…ALL of them…were designed to reward Authority Sites the most. It is good to realize that.

People ask me why my links are different and better than any other High PR Links offered here:

1. All sites have a minimum Page Rank of 5-9 and every, single one of them is an Authority Site.

2. Anchor Text Diversity is BUILT IN. Some sites allow anchor text; some sites allow a URL only. Some sites embed your URL into your name and some sites embed your link into the words “Home Page” while others embed your URL into the word “Website”. This is the MOST NATURAL “link diversity” as you can get it. This is exactly how sites would get diversified Anchor Text in a “Natural” way.

3. There are no bad sites in my 20 links. Sites that Google considers “bad” don’t rank Page Rank 6, 7, 8, or 9. They also don’t rank “bad” sites Page Rank 4 or 5 either. This is the largest and best list of Authority Sites you can get at once, guaranteed.

4. We update our sites every month. The reason for this is that some SEO providers keep using the same sites over and over again which results in a spammy site. It is just a matter of time before the links stop working. That is why we always update and use ‘fresh’ sites.
This is what you will get by - TAMOURK SEO Team

I offer my specialized team to create your new 20 Paul-Angela links which are Page Rank 6 and above that (almost) no one has seen yet. (Paul's links have gone out but we only use the ones that still work well.)

[center]Frequently Asked Question

Are these all "Do Follow" links?

Yes. When I create my links for you, every link is tested to make sure it is Do Follow. Some links will go No Follow later but most of the links remain Do Follow.

2. What type of links are these?

They are various types of links from various places. Some are blog links. Some social networking links. Some forum links. Some "profile" type links. I don't have a particular "type" of links in my package. I look for Do Follow, Page Rank 6 and above links from every type of site.
3. Will these backlinks help us with all of Google's recent updates?

Yes. These are backlinks from "Authority" sites and all of Google's updates are designed to reward "Authority."

4. What happens to our links when the Blackhatters and Spammers get to the sites?

Most often, nothing. If anything is going to happen, it's usually that the site owner will remove the ability to get a new link from the site but the links that were there before are not affected. Some sites will change; this is normal. Sites change sometimes even without being ruined by Blackhatters and spammers. I know this because some of the "test" sites I've been to while looking for links change. Not all sites change, however. Many remain good backlink possibilities indefinitely.

5. Are these backlinks on pages with High Page Rank or is it the Page Rank the rank of the domain?

The Page Rank is the PR of the Domain, not the actual individual pages, and this is why:
Google respects AUTHORITY. It respected Authority before Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird and it respects it even more now. Google created the Patented Rating System we call "Page Rank" and it is the scale with which Google tells the world how much "value" a website has. I have used my High Page Rank Backlinks to rank sites for some time and recently ranked a client’s BRAND NEW website on Page One of Google for not one, but TWO "Big Money" keywords. These money keywords are worth thousands of dollars. This new domain ranked AFTER Panda and Penguin.

If you are going to actually have a link from a PAGE that has good Page Rank, it is going to be from having a link on a DOMAIN that has Top Page Rank. As the "inside" pages age, they will develop higher Page Rank than pages on a lower Page Rank domain. I have had my own link on "inner pages" on these sites that had a Page Rank of 6 for the PAGE! A Page Rank 1, 2, or 3 website most likely isn't going to have an "inner" page that has high page rank usually. It can happen but it is very rare. We know that pages with Page Rank 8 or 9 that allow us to place a link are just about impossible to get for anybody

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  • waingro

    I am already your customer, I would like to know if you allow in this package that I send you 5 keywords and 5 links to them?
    I am already your customer, I would like to know if you allow in this package that I send you 5 keywords and 5 links to them?

    1 year ago
  • KurtF

    Can I use multiple URLs, like 4 or even 8 URLs all on the same website? I hate to send 20 to 25 links to one URL at once. I would use 3 different branded anchors for sites that allow it, but really like the idea of naked URLs and anchor text generated by the sites as you described.

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