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  • 1 URL and upto 5 Keywords
This Service is basically for Low To Medium Competition Keywords. Although You can provide me Difficult Competition Keywords For your SEO Diversification, you may get good results but no guarantee provided in that case.

What is SERP ?
SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, It is that page which Search Engine Shows you after you Input your query into that Search Bar.

Is This For Real, Are you Guys Giving Guarantee
Yes, We are Indeed giving you Guarantee.

Okay, What if you guys Failed to Rank My Keywords ?
We Will Refund You

Are You Guys Talking About Google 1st Page Ranking ?
No, We are Taking about SERP RISE. It can be to 1st page or 2nd etc based upon your competition and keyword difficulty. Cool ?

Do you Provide Tier2 Backlinks Report ?
No, We Don't. For the sake of network privacy

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User Ratings

  • surendrayong
    surendrayong 3 days ago

    Look Great! Thank you elite. Waiting to see the result.

    • eliteX

      Please keep an eye on the serps.


  • walletery
    walletery 18 days ago

    thanks eliteX, the delivery was really quick and really high efficiency. recommended 100%, will come back for more!!

    • eliteX

      Thank You Sir

  • entire3d
    entire3d 20 days ago

    Definitely I see links and I am expecting SERP Rise!

    • eliteX

      Keep an Eye on Your Serps

  • miu5
    miu5 1 month ago


    • eliteX

      Your Welcome

  • ramtechusa
    ramtechusa 1 month ago

    I understand about the privacy reasons. As well no, I do not want to risk the site getting penalized in anyway.

    Thank you!

    • eliteX

      Thanks for understanding. Indexing ought to be in drip feed mode or naturally.

  • kareena
    kareena 2 months ago

    Thanks for the good work.
    As for the results of my previous order, most of the keywords have gradually climbed to 1st page in Hope this order too will give satisfactory SERP results after a few weeks.

    • eliteX

      For Sure

  • 4shareinfotv
    4shareinfotv 2 months ago

    Good Work! Waiting for Result Hope it gets ranked on Google first page. Thanks

    • eliteX

      Glad to hear that Your Website reached 8000+ Hits per day.
      Will be tracking your SERP'S

  • Happy76
    Happy76 2 months ago


    Everything looks good.

    • eliteX

      Thank You Sir
      Also Keep an eye on your Keywords positions to track further improvements.


  • abelvi59
    abelvi59 2 months ago

    I will wait to see whats hapeing

    • eliteX

      Sure, Thanks Sir

  • mysticspiritone
    mysticspiritone 3 months ago

    Great work! Excellent service! Highly recxommended! A+++

    • eliteX

      Thank You Sir

  • seomarketingcan
    seomarketingcan 3 months ago

    Thanks. I will update the comment when I see the results.

    • eliteX

      Sure, I'm Waiting

  • valessons
    valessons 3 months ago

    Thank you for delivering projects on time. I really appreciate it.
    I will go through the report and let you know if I have any clarifications.
    As you said, I wait for another 6 to 7 weeks for keyword ranking improvement.

    • eliteX

      Welcome Sir

  • kareena
    kareena 3 months ago

    Good quality work. Everything is delivered as promised and done very fast too.
    As for SERP improvement, I've to patiently wait for 6 weeks.
    If it works, then I will be back with many more work orders for sure.

    • eliteX

      Thanks. It Surely Gonna Work. I can already see your keywords moving to upper page.


  • dvaedc3
    dvaedc3 3 months ago

    honest review: elitex delivered my report on time. as i checked the report, there are some minor errors but elitex is willing to fix the errors as long as you show it to him. also, it looks like elitex really knows what his doing. including a generic phrase is a great move to diversify the anchor text. he said having the exact match keyword on strong backlinks like PBN is no problem and i believe him. i haven't seen any movement yet since i know it will take 1 - 2 months for it to take effect. 

    • eliteX

      Thank You Sir. 

  • angle
    angle 3 months ago


    • eliteX

      Your Welcome

  • euroids
    euroids 3 months ago

    Thank you.

    • eliteX

      Thank You Sir

  • toughseo
    toughseo 4 months ago

    Elitex did a superb job, my client's keywords are now on 5th page from nowhere and I can see the keywords moving up. Thank You very Much, Sir. I recommend this Service to those who want results. Keep the good work up. will be back for more.

    • eliteX

      Thank You So Much Sir

Buyers Comments

  • altuner

    Hello dear ,
    I want to rank my website top of the page one in from Belgium. My website is
    My keywords below.
    1. antwerpen
    2. taxi
    3. airport
    4. luchthavenvervoer
    5. zaventem

    What is your quarentee? And about when days becomes my site on the 1 page?

    4 months ago
  • eliteX

    Those are not even keywords Sir
    and No, We are Taking about SERP RISE. It can be to 1st page or 2nd based upone your competition and keyword difficulty.

    4 months ago
  • KangAgus

    What do I need to start this job from me?

    4 months ago
  • eliteX

    your url and upto 5 keywords

    4 months ago
  • ajay8000

    i have my keyword already on 2nd page at 18. how much rise i can expect? 18 to 8 or just 18 to 16 ?

    3 months ago
  • eliteX

    message me your url and keywords

    3 months ago
  • ajay8000

    packers and movers in thane- keyword moving between 13-15
    hospital furniture- keyword was on 24 last week but this week it 44. may be till week end it improvise.

    hospital bed- not able to fetch in top 100 , even best of my tries.


    packers and movers in mumbai - 27

    i have many more project, 1st tell what u can do for these 5 keywords. all indian keyword n ranking in

    3 months ago
  • eliteX

    Hey. You can place your order. Your keywords comes with 100% refund if no results provided

    3 months ago
  • Naazgi

    Can i see some results..

    3 months ago
  • ajay8000

    sir i had asked , what is definition of result. will it move 1 point up from current or 5 point up or 10 or 20 ? what is minimum improvement u guarantee ?

    3 months ago
  • eliteX

    Min guarantee is 1 page jump. It can be on 1st also but depends upone your keyword

    3 months ago
  • beloxxi

    Can you rank this siteon First page? (scholarship) keyword

    3 months ago

    Hello, Can you rank this website on First Position with keyword Acompanhantes Santos ( in Brazilian Google, ? thanks

    3 months ago
  • abelvi59

    can you take url warez ? thanks

    3 months ago
  • eliteX

    Pm me your keywords and website link. I'll see what I can do

    3 months ago
  • bosbet99

    hi sir, can u do it for gambling site?

    2 months ago
  • eliteX

    Sorry I don't accept gambling websites in this particular service. For gambling website check out my other seo service

    2 months ago
  • NiceD2017

    Our site is already ranking. Mostly on the first page. Can you guarantee moving the site say for example from top3 to top1?

    1 month ago
  • eliteX

    Yep. Serp positive movement is guaranteed. Or you'll get refund

    1 month ago
  • panvacation

    Do you have sites under auto/car rental domain?

    29 days ago
  • milandvb

    hi bro i have my website and 5 Keywords that all i need to get my website in firs page of googel ?

    28 days ago
  • jinyus

    Do you accept adult sites?

    26 days ago
  • Sochea

    How many backlinks can you provide and keyworks?

    23 days ago
  • eliteX

    100 to 120 High Quality Backlinks, if extras not bought. i accept 5 keywords per order

    23 days ago
  • lolzonlolzon

    best tips 1x2
    free football predictions
    fixed matches
    prediction of the day
    fixed ticket games 1x2 goals

    My website is for soccer predictions ( sport website ).
    On what rank page google can you do my websit to be? thanks

    18 days ago
  • buteknian

    I have a website
    My keyword : rental mobil palembang

    can you boost the keyword to page one of google Indonesia


    18 days ago
  • eliteX

    Yes, its already in 2nd page so no problem for me

    18 days ago
  • eliteX

    yes, i accept any language. kindly message me your keywords via inbox

    18 days ago
  • surendrayong

    Hi EliteX, How long will it take to be visible in search engine.

    13 days ago
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