• Highly Diversified SEO + SMO with 30+ Platforms & LINDEXED Submission
First See Proofs Before going to details :

OFFER: Buy 3 get 1 Free.

Highly Diversified backlinks Service will provide your backlinks From Deeper Level with upto 4-Tier with Numbers of Platform & Good Amount of Social Signals.

Service Based on :
1) Latest Google Panda Update
2) Latest Google Penguin Update
3) Latest Google Hummingbird Update

Advantages :
1) Improvement in traffic
2) Improvement in SERP
3) Increase Page Authority
4) Increase Page Popularity
5) Increase Social Metric Score by Social Activity.

Overview of Service :

1) Multi-level Linking with Best Structure.
2) Suggest Best On-Page Optimization Tweaks for your Web-Page.
3) Used over 30+ Platform while Linking.
4) Work on Each Tier will be Perform with Interval of 2-3 days to Maintain Link Velocity.
5) Advance Linking using Main Keywords with "Partial Match Keywords", "Broad Match", "URL", "Natural Signals" like Click here, here, etc.
6) Tier 1 Include Related Images with Blogs.
7) Re-write 2-4 Scrapped Articles and Spun it with 70+ percent Uniqueness
8) Each Tier Use Different Scraped Re-Written Articles.
9) Social Signals : Facebook likes/Shares, Twitter Tweets/Re-Tweets, Pinterest Pins / Likes, Delicious Submission on Main URL and Tier 1 URL's.
10) LINDEXED & LinkProcessor.com Submission with a Drip of 10-15 days to Index your All Links Bit Faster.

Here we believe in creating Quality Backlinks not Quantity is Not Matter, so kindly don't accept 10000+ backlinks from this Service here we are working for targeting Deeper with Quality Backlinks with Good Neighborhood backlinks that is what Google Latest Update Wants. But here is Rough Look what you Will get :

Tier 1 :
★ High PR5+ Web 2.0 Properties with Related Images.
★ Low PR2+ Web 2.0 Properties with Related Images directing to Main URL & High PR Web Properties Blogs.

Middle Tier's :
★ Social Network Links & Article Submission Links to Low PR Web 2.0 Properties & Main URL.
★ Quality Social Bookmarks to High PR and Main URL
★ Web 2.0 Profile Links & Forum Profiles Links to Low PR Web 2.0 Properties & Articles + Social Network Links.
★ PDF Shares including to High PR Web 2.0 Properties to High PR Web 2.0 Blogs.

Tier 3:
★ 1000+ Quality Wiki Links using Tier 2 Links to Index Them Fast.
★ 2000+ Blog Commnt Mix Follow & Dofollow to Tier 2 Links To Index Them Fast.

Tier 5:
★ Submission of All Links to Lindexed.com & LinkProcessor.com (Paid Service) with 10-15 days Drip Depending upon Keyword Strength for Fast Indexing of Links to Search Engine. (You can Ask for Crawling Report anytime within 15 days of Delivery.)

Secret Sauce :
★ High PR Dripfeed Bookmarks on Our Private Network (Schedule of Drip Will be Provided.)Dripfeed Bookmarks on Our Private Network (Schedule of Drip Will be Provided.)
★ In Secret Sauce we will Create Few high Quality Backlinks on our Private network which would not be Provide in Reports. Links would have Some High Quality Press Release with Social bookmarks, Profile Links, Web 2.0 Properties, etc.

Reports :
You will get all Reports for Web 2.0 Blog Properties, Social Links, Profile Links, Social Bookmarks, PDF Links & DripFeed Bookmark Schedule. To Keep Our Network Safe from Spammers We Don't Provide Reports for Wiki Links, Blog Comments & Secret Sauce that is Our Private Network Linking Using Press Release, Web 2.0 Properties, Social Bookmarks, Profile Links, etc.


SO GET START WITH THIS NOW : We Need 1 URL & 2-3 Related keywords.

Q : How much is Turn Around Time ?
A : Starter Package TAT - 7 Days
PRO Package TAT - 12 Days
ADVANCE Package TAT - 20 Days

Q : How Many Keywords and URL Required ?
A : We Need 1 URL and 2-3 Keywords to Start this.

Q : Is Non-English Keywords are Allowed ?
A : Yes, All Non-English Keywords are Allowed expect Arabic and Hebrew Keywords. I Recommend to Provide 3 Articles of your Non-English Language.

Q : How Much Competitive Keywords Should be?
A : It really Work good for Low & Medium Competitive Keywords some Time we have found good results on high Competitive Keywords as well. As there is nothing predictable in SEO so can't say much About How Competitive Keywords But i would Not Recommend you to go for high Competitive Niche Like Online Money Making, Gambling, etc. or Contact Me.

Q : In How Many Days Improvement Can Be Seen ?
A : It Depends on keywords Strength how competitive is Keyword. Within 7-15 days After Completing Project.

Q : If I Will Not Satisfied with Work ?
A : Then We will Refund you 100% of your Amount. (Condition : if there is no Improvement in Rankings or Traffic for Genuine keywords i.e. not High Competitive Keywords.)

Q : Are You able to work on Bulk Orders and Provide Discount ?
A : Kindly Contact through Message it Depends how many Order in how much Time you want.

Q : Is this Service Work for Adult Website ?
A : No, it does not work for Website Related to Adult, Gambling, Drugs.

Q : is Service Work for YouTube Video URLs ?
A : It Works like a Charm for YouTube Video, We get Very Good Feedback for YouTube Video from our Clients (PRO Package is Enough).

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  • daridari11
    daridari11 9 days ago

    Thank you for your work, all it is very ok!

  • kitchenpicks
    kitchenpicks 9 days ago

    Delivered order intime & as promised, hope it will add significant value.

  • zolthar
    zolthar 11 days ago

    Good Job, quickly delivered, waiting for the seo

  • avohi
    avohi 13 days ago

    Hi I told clearly that, please use raw URL as an anchor text. instead, you have used target keywords as anchor text for all 5 posts. so could you please change and update me.

  • pirumyan
    pirumyan 1 month ago

    Good seller, thanks

  • DavidAkhan
    DavidAkhan 1 month ago

    One of the best service i've bought!

  • TalonSkills
    TalonSkills 2 months ago

    Very good service. Thank you!!

  • fattywrap777
    fattywrap777 2 months ago

    Order was completed but it was uneffective, brings 0 traffic to my website

  • paijolegend
    paijolegend 2 months ago

    Already seen the result thanks! Rank Changed!

  • titamelow
    titamelow 2 months ago

    Thanks, Excellent Progress

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  • SEOJoker

    Hello, I red that for non english sites i will need to provide 2 or 3 articles. How many words should these articles be? thanks

    7 days ago
  • ourseo

    50 high quality edu and gov seo backlinks for $10
    100% money back guarantee if you prove this work not done by manually.?

    15 days ago
  • mizmizi

    do you accept 5 keywords for 5 web 2.0

    16 days ago
  • ghst007

    Hi Shaarx, is this result going to be permanent for the site. I'm highly in getting this done for a football website. I need an answer to this,.

    1 month ago
  • sadek99

    We can do your football related site's SEO. Because we love to do SEO of sports related sites. So if you want to be on the first page of google, check out our service here: https://www.seolads.com/Link-Building/518817/Boost-up-your-site-to-the-first-page-of-google-in-short-time

    1 month ago
  • racerxar

    Hi, Can you please send me sample of the job done?

    2 months ago
  • flaviano

    quero este trabalho mais quero saber se o sr faz ele todo em portugues brasil ou portugal se aceitar eu fecho o pacote

    4 months ago
  • iulick

    Hi, I want to see some examples links, await response. Thank you

    4 months ago
  • lordpeppers

    Is this service works for all languages?

    4 months ago

    I wanna make an order
    Need to chat with you urgent

    4 months ago
  • shaheertiger1

    Will i get the passwords and usernames for web 2.0?

    6 months ago
  • gilberto1975

    como funciona após o pagamento no entendi quantas palavras chaves posso por

    6 months ago
  • yzamata

    It is suitable for travel agency?

    7 months ago
  • elias8808

    can buy you service for web in spanish?

    8 months ago
  • MarketMart

    Pity your last reply to these queries was 2 years ago. I was interested but can't imagine working with someone who does not take the time to communicate with their clients.

    8 months ago
  • fpf1314

    do u accept fashion wholesale clothing like www.fashion71.net

    9 months ago
  • srikrishna

    check my website www.srikrishnaplasto.com

    after your service what is change there ?

    my current pagerank is 2
    DA 6
    PA 6
    EDU 0
    Govt 6

    9 months ago
  • zendviet1

    Hi shaarx !

    i have order for you.
    Are you help me !

    9 months ago
  • seoking

    Too bad, I had to cancel, because you don't deliver ....

    9 months ago
  • naveenviswa

    Hi ,
    are these permanent dofollow links?
    and adsense safe?

    9 months ago
  • vsching

    Hi, please inbox samples of work and reports.

    9 months ago
  • naveenviswa

    Hi ,
    are these permanent dofollow links? and adsense safe?

    10 months ago
  • clickinweb

    Do you guarantee first page for keywords 'post a job' 'work from home jobs' 'hire freelancers' http://spottask.com/
    within how many days can we see the results ??

    10 months ago
  • Saurabhmishra16

    I have sent you an enquiry through message. Kindly check and revert back.

    11 months ago

    Don't believe this man.He is a liar.Not only liar but very tricky also.
    He will eat your money only but what will do for you is fully useless.
    Don't order him.

    Also after he deliver order if you have any question about that he will never replay you.
    Will act like a king after get payment.
    seolads must need to suspend this idiot's account totally.
    I will report also from my all friend's account.
    Everyone add with me to suspend his account.

    1 year ago
  • Praf

    hellooo . i need to know if i send you 10-15 web published link can you make it on top when someone search for my name ? there is 1 negative link coming on top all of sudden and i do not know why.
    I am an RTI activist , write on indian festivals , touch social issues. can you tell me how u will help me to put up those links on top?
    And that negative link should go down. is that possible from your end?

    1 year ago
  • pouyasazan

    do you accept all language websites?

    1 year ago
  • semperseo

    I'm considering buying this job ( advanced ) for italian keywords , and I will get you the items as requested question, 3 articles in italian language: I assume that you will use spinning format for these items , you think to make " spinning" or you have to be posted already in spinning format ? await response

    2 years ago
  • Pedroso

    Hi, is possible to choose niche? ( Gay, Lesbian, Amateur )?

    Thank you,


    2 years ago
  • rajeshjulong

    Hi ... i am ready give the order.. my keywords are ranking in 2nd page.. will you bring those keywords 1st page top 5.

    interracial dating - 3nd page 7th place
    interracial dating site - 3rd page 3rd place
    Interracial dating sites - 2nd page 7th place..

    your services helps to bring those keywords on 1st page.. let me know please.. urgent..

    website : interracialangels.com

    2 years ago
  • simor11

    this provider is not real ....... never reply and just asking for buy and tell you to wait and if you are lucky and he replying you ........ dont deal with delays ....

    2 years ago
  • janseoinlinedk

    Deliver a sitemap next time All free sitemap generator http://www.inline.dk/Sitemap_generator.html Simpel Read from urllist.txt

    2 years ago
  • YTVideoseo30

    can you rank this keyword for a youtube video

    Garcinia Cambogia

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    is this still working ?..

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  • ykayiwa

    You didnt deliver my service as promised and the links you created for me are wrong, you didnt deliver according to your service details, i need you to look into my order or refund

    3 years ago
  • fabianoreist

    good afternoon
    I'm from Brazil
    I would stay well positioned in the top 10 of Google.com.br for four words that are key

    Criaçao de sites,criaçao de site,desenvolvimento de sites, desenvolvimento de site

    is possible with your package what do you recommend? these words have high competition

    Looking forward
    Thank you.

    3 years ago
  • shafiq0786

    Clear Scam please don't waste your money and time

    3 years ago
  • happychappy1973

    interested but waiting to see if service is still going because a few people saying your not getting back in touch

    look forward to hearing from you soon


    3 years ago
  • mathieu67

    Almost a month late now! Communication is non-existent. I'm playing the wait-and-see game but going blind. Please address these issues. It's getting ridiculous now. I'm your #1 customer on here because I like your work but the no communication and super late work is getting to me!

    3 years ago
  • mathieu67


    Thanks...I like your services just showing concerns for lack of communications lately!

    3 years ago
  • shaarx

    thank you for faith in us we will do our level best..


    3 years ago
  • mathieu67

    My order is over 15 days late! Can you address that please?

    3 years ago
  • mathieu67

    Dude doesn't answer messages anymore. My orders are late and I sent a number of messages with no answers. I've been trying to contact the seller for over a month now. I wouldn't buy this until these issues are addressed!

    3 years ago
  • shaarx

    Hello Apology for this I wasn't available here to reply you all. now I'll check send your order after completing them..


    3 years ago
  • nomy

    give me some detial

    3 years ago
  • mathieu67

    I sent you a private message, please answer.

    3 years ago
  • mobilesearch


    My url is http://technodealsusa.com/ & keywords are: 652589-B21 , 507632-B21, 507125-B21, 507127-B21, 512547-B21, 652611-B21, 652564-B21, 454146-B21, 431958-B21, 581286-B21, 516828-B21, 627117-B21, 507616-B21, 503296-B21, 512327-B21, 581284-B21, 652605-B21, 397415-B21, 397413-B21, 500658-B21, 500662-B21

    can you help.

    3 years ago
  • wcnoel

    can you do on page seo work for a new real estate website. need keywords and optimization for a word press site?

    3 years ago
  • tadtomato

    Hey when are you replying?? You did not do right for SEO. I need you to take an action right away before google penalize my site

    3 years ago
  • tadtomato


    I have never asked you to link my home page! Why you do selfishly do this????? SO annoying!

    your report does not include the URLs that you posted. Where are the URLs?

    3 years ago
  • YALDesign

    I had 20 project`s with this guy. He is very good at this SEO thing

    3 years ago
  • ub12

    i will order this soon!

    3 years ago
  • rican75

    are these links permanent?

    3 years ago
  • rican75

    If I order this can you just do these countries for me USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY and IRELAND

    3 years ago
  • rican75

    Question can you tell me how many links do I get from starter, Pro and advance?

    3 years ago
  • siyasinha

    Thanks for providing for good service.

    3 years ago
  • yanou222

    Hello, how many time i'm on the first page on the keyword serrurier paris

    3 years ago
  • naveen119

    how day googel page 1
    please pm

    3 years ago
  • inthiaano

    Do you accept Chinese keywords?

    3 years ago
  • shaarx

    No. We are not working on chinese, japnese and hebrew like keywords


    3 years ago
  • michaelchoi

    Hi, I have 2 blogs which require SEO service. Please message me to discuss further.

    3 years ago
  • chantay

    I WAS RECOMMENDED TO YOU WHY?:: I NEED ALL OF THIS:1) Improvement in traffic
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  • freelancer1991

    We have to make our Website on Top #1 rank on google. We have done already more Blog commenting, Social book mark etc .So, hope, as an expert you can do this. Our budgets is 25$ to get the Top #1 rank ...And we have only 10 days .

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    3 years ago
  • shailesh

    I have ordered and waiting for your reply.

    3 years ago
  • thebakerymart


    just need to know in starter plan, you'll work for 7 days! Am I right? Also need to know abt backlinks

    3 years ago
  • barak

    how day mysite this keywords in page 1 with 4 keywords?
    url: ?www.dtour.ir
    how day googel page 1
    please pm

    3 years ago
  • Katiekatie316

    I'm new to seolads, I am really interested in your service. Can you inbox me please to discuss further.

    3 years ago
  • antonsamoylov

    pls, show several links for see how they look. Thnx

    3 years ago
  • dialyy

    You said you need 1 url to start but how many urls can be used for this service?

    3 years ago
  • Rezan

    Hi, here is my site http://www.watchrugbylivestream.com/ with totally unique content. i want my site on google 1St page for long term so can you do that ? if yes then please let me know which of your package is required for the site ? or there is any special package which will work batter . waiting for your reply

    KeyWords : Watch Rugby Live, Rugby live Stream, Watch Rugby Online


    3 years ago
  • fergusonro

    I just placed an order but this appears to be the latest and greatest link diversity strategy. I paid $100.00 for my order and this service is $90.00 so PLEASE make sure you use the latest and greatest post hummingbird strategy for target keywords!!!

    3 years ago
  • Ram6579

    Yo bro, please respond to my private message to you.
    Thank you.

    3 years ago
  • stevegoldberg

    Why don't you have any reviews or orders in the past 11 months? Is this still effective?

    3 years ago
  • shaarx

    yes this Service just Started on 8th november.
    Previously service not on running mode.


    3 years ago
  • monapinky

    Can I place two order of two different inner pages but on same domain name with different keywords.

    for eg. www.xyz.com/cate1/subpage1
    and www.xyz.com/cate2/service2/page2

    4 years ago
  • softnwords

    Is it possible toexecute the linking with intervals

    5 years ago
  • goldpattern



    1 year ago
  • shaarx

    maximum four days depending on queue we have, otherwise we deliver it within 48 hours...

    5 years ago


    3 years ago
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