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I will create 800 social bookmark SEO backlinks in 24 hours for $10​

Many of you are struggling to get seen by Google or achieve a better ranking with your desired keyword. This does not come automatically.Experience proves that high quality backlinks can do the job for you. This is my specialty. I can help you with this….

- Your URL will be successfully submitted to over 800 different social bookmarking sites - you receive an active backlink from each site.

- I can spin the TITLE and DESCRIPTION if you want. You can also decide the keywords that will be used for the bookmarks.

- All links GUARANTEED to be Penguin SAFE.

- They will be PINGED over the next 30 days - so search engines will find them gradually!

This is a VERY POWERFUL gig, giving you user-generated backlinks from many different sites. Many customers have seen massive jumps in rankings - all for only $10!

We accept all niches!

We will submit your URL to
800+ High Quality Social Bookmarking sites! It is the most NATURAL and search engine friendly technique. Does not look spammy & GOOGLE always RANK HIGHER after submission.


- All orders managed IN TIME
- Full Report
- Penguin 3.0 & Panda Safe!
- 100% Custom-Tailored Service!
- High quality 24/7 support!

Social bookmarking is the wave of the future, as it shows what's popular and brings you targeted ORGANIC TRAFFIC to YOUR SITE!

Why is it a good idea to choose Tamourk Team?
>We have multiple years of experience
>We ranked over 100 clients sites
>We have 1000+ sales
>Excellent Customer Support
>Quality work
>Usually no late delivery of the order
>Life Time Guarantee on the by us created links
>No Loss - Only Gain

>We aim for Quality, not for quantity​

What is the result?

You got Ranked on GOOGLE!

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User Ratings

  • andycolg
    andycolg 7 months ago

    Fast delivery on a job well done! Thank you!

  • Nikles
    Nikles 8 months ago

    Thanks for the message and thanks for completing this order. You do well in SEO work. nikles

  • Nikles
    Nikles 9 months ago

    Thanks Tamourk. Good communication and quickly done. I appreciate it and will look for other services you offer.

    • tamourk

      It was amazing to work for you, I would like to serve you more, I believe my service will help you a lot,

  • DonBreier
    DonBreier 10 months ago

    Used this service many times... reliable & excellent!

    Don Breier

  • DonBreier
    DonBreier 11 months ago

    She completed 4 services of social bookmarks for website. Fast & dependable service.
    This was excellent completion of a dozen gigs. Thanks!

    • tamourk

      Thank you .

  • greenlondoncars
    greenlondoncars 1 year ago

    thank you for your excellent services

    • tamourk

      Welcome !

  • FrozenLiquor
    FrozenLiquor 1 year ago

    Thanks for the work and fast delivery !.

  • Feredea
    Feredea 1 year ago

    this one have no effect on my sales

  • shahkhan3200
    shahkhan3200 1 year ago

    I Appreciate, Your work Thankyou !

  • letsforum
    letsforum 1 year ago

    Awesome Good stuff me liki. Thanks bro.

    • tamourk

      Thank you

  • Lucky11
    Lucky11 1 year ago


    • tamourk


  • Galleta
    Galleta 2 years ago

    thank you

    • tamourk


  • Lucky11
    Lucky11 2 years ago


    • tamourk


  • trader999
    trader999 2 years ago

    perfect, thank you

    • tamourk

      Thank you bro

  • tvbc
    tvbc 2 years ago


  • scsprime
    scsprime 2 years ago

    Thank you very much, A+ service. Highly recommended.

    • tamourk

      Thank you very much

Buyers Comments

  • bakerken28

    Looks legit. I don't need it right now but I would encourage the SEOLads buyers to try this service.

    3 years ago
  • andrepianis1

    how to know the low / medium competition, I possessed two or more phrases.

    3 years ago
  • w3logics

    I am looking your services for to create 1000 links as a job alerts site here in India
    if you have any question regarding the site please let me know
    also I need to know if the links do follow what it means and no follow what it means.
    I will order when I will get answer from your side.
    I am worrying because I purchase a service from a provider and all the links were down when the payment confirmed

    3 years ago
  • tamourk

    Hi, this service has 2 part, one is social bookmark which is 600, and all of them will be dofollow, the profile links are high pr and 30 links, a few of them are No follow but has value as it is high pr

    3 years ago
  • noyon100

    Can you sent provirus complete job ? I have more order.

    3 years ago
  • noyon100

    what are the name of PR10 site? can you tell me ?

    3 years ago
  • tamourk

    Welcome, So this was your search that looking for a pr10 sites name , lol

    3 years ago
  • adsolutions

    What is the PR of the social bookmarking sites?

    3 years ago
  • tamourk

    Most of them has No PR, but they are old, Because google not updating PR since long, if they do now i am sure it will have some good PR, but all are dofollow, and i own them,

    3 years ago
  • SolutionSoft

    Hello, I'm selling amazon products, can you post them on blogs?
    so that I get views and I hope someone purchase from it

    3 years ago
  • tamourk

    I do not have blogs, it social bookmark, but you can use this service too, i do not promise any sell or visitor,

    3 years ago
  • ranganathancse

    Hi sir,

    Requried this service. How can i contact you.

    2 years ago
  • tamourk

    You can contact me by inbox

    2 years ago
  • tamourk

    You can contact me by inbox

    2 years ago
  • tamourk

    Please orders, you are welcome,

    2 years ago
  • webowner

    So the social bookmarks will be placed on more than 800 unique domains?

    Thank you.

    2 years ago
  • webowner

    How many unique domains (not sub domains) it would be?

    2 years ago
  • martibrok

    HEY! HOW IS THE STATUS..I WAIT 1 month and never received my Report.I NEED THE REPORT .

    2 years ago
  • martibrok


    2 years ago
  • tkchung

    Do you send report sir?

    2 years ago
  • waingro

    I am already your customer, I would like to know if you allow in this package that I send you 5 different texts or have to be only one? The text can have the keyword the website link for the keyword?I am already your customer, I would like to know if you allow in this package that I send you 5 different texts or have to be only one? The text can have the keyword the website link for the keyword?

    8 months ago
Create 800 Super HQ SEO social bookmarks high Poweful backlinks, rss, ping is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 80 user reviews.
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