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I will give you 2,000 retweets and 3,000 favorites/likes on your twitter account for $10.
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Quality of our Services :
Don't need admin access of your account.
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High quality accounts, all accounts looks real, have photo and bio (no geo targeted, no real person so will sticked forever).
Split up max. 20 links.
Customer satisfied. Money Back Guaranteed

User Ratings

  • annemariayritys
    annemariayritys 5 days ago

    Thank you dear, happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year. Sincerely, A-M. Yritys

    • Sifat89

      Thanks a lot

  • floydvance
    floydvance 2 months ago

    All perfect as we needed. good freelancer at a glance.!!!!!!!! should recommend the services.

    • Sifat89


  • floydvance
    floydvance 2 months ago

    Great Working !!!! should recommend for Best results. Nice work is done in favor of time and communication. thumbs up

    • Sifat89

      You are good Buyer. Thank you very much.

Buyers Comments

  • floydvance

    hi i need likes on my twitter page

    2 months ago
  • floydvance

    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/918088909971652609 14
    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/917711905564831744 28
    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/917690189149032448 29
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    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/912608124376317952 25
    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/912607893236719618 59


    all links with current likes, i will but one time , if all goes well i will order more. best ov luck

    2 months ago
  • floydvance

    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/918769763446337536 2
    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/918769166596952064 5
    https://twitter.com/bitconnect/status/918449318599815168 22
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    5000 more likes on above

    2 months ago
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