Invite 500 real telegram for $55

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Invite 500 real telegram

Invite real telegram members to your supergroup
This service only for supergroups.

Members from particular groups will be invited and joined into you Telegram supergroup. Just send a link or links to the group from where you want to get users.

If your group will not interested for invited users they will quit.


  • Your supergroup should be with members, not empty! Empty group can be blocked. Members you can buy here
  • Send us a link(s) to the groups from where you want to get users (not channel)
  • Number of members in these groups should be 2 times the amount ordered.
  • Invitations only from public supergroups that have a public link (exmpl: @name)
  • Available speed: 50, 150 or 300 adding per hour

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Telegram Members Invite Telegraminvite Realmembers
500 1 days $55
1000 1 days $105
2000 2 days $240
3000 2 days $360
4000 2 days $430
5000 2 days $550
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