• 9 New Technologies That Will Change the World
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The world is changing fast! The change in the human life, in more than 100 years, the change took place in more than 20 years, and in the last 20 years, more changes will occur in 7-8 years of change. And this is the only reason - "technology” The rapid change in today's times has never happened before. In our today's post, we are going to tell you about some new techniques that can change our life completely. Let's know about some of the unimaginable technologies –
Top 9 Emerging Technologies
1)3D printing
3D printing is one of the most spectacular new technologies of the present day. The 3D printer prints our digital design into solid real-product - just like the magic Pencil!
3D Printer will bring unimaginable changes in the world in the future because it will be used in almost every field of our life. So far 3D printing has been used to make products from bicycles, parts of airplanes, toys, metal items, food products, human organ, houses and many other things. This technology is constantly evolving and in future, it will be used to make almost every kind of concrete items.

2)Driverless Car
many companies, including Google and Ford, are developing automatic cars (Auto-Driving Cars) through Artificial Intelligence. In the self-driving car, the input video is given from the camera and the sensors are engaged for controlling in different parts of the car.
Self-driving cars will reduce road accidents because the sensors and other technologies engaged in these cars are so great that the probability of accidents is not equal. Many companies have developed self-driving cars, but this technology will take some years to be used practically now.

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