• I will contribute & promote your crowdfunding campaign through my social networks and Google
  • I will contribute & promote your crowdfunding campaign through my social networks and Google
  • I will contribute & promote your crowdfunding campaign through my social networks and Google
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Over 300 satisfied customers to date have successfully financed their projects with my expertise!

-Only one (1) link per order please. In case there are more links only first (or link to your project) will be worked on. All orders are done in first 3 days


Do you need your campaign to be seen by a lot of people?! Well, I can make a miracle! I can provide you a lot of visitors on your campaign! Yes it is true that not everyone can be successful, but I and my team change your odds in favour of your success very much!

Hello, my name is Nemo (TornadoFast) and I have a lot of experience in crowdfunding promotion so I decided to help the others in their campaigns for a very affordable price most of you can afford. I offer BEST VALUE FOR MONEY so read my offer bellow.

What will you get if you hire me:

For just 7$, I will contribute $3 to your campaign if possible, and leave a nice positive personal comment. This can help you to raise the number of contributors and make your campaign more visible and therefore more attractive for contribution. I contribute if you apply with rules written for that bellow in section "FOR CONTRIBUTIONS".

For BASIC SERVICE of just $30 you are exposed to roughly 28.000+ (this number is growing every day) people for 5 days on twitter. You can send me customized twitter message that will be posted on those profiles.

For EXTRA SERVICES: (Extra services are bellow so just scroll down and tick them)

-Order my service extra if you want your campaign to be shared on my page with over 15.000 real people on largest social network with a post which ask for donations.

-I encourage you to purchase GOOGLE traffic as it guarantees to bring you visitors through google ads and if that number isn't honored I will RETURN you the money.
The reason for this is if I post your campaign on social networks people who might be interested in it may not be online and see it in time of posting it. Google traffic guarantees to bring them directly on your page. I offer various packages of google traffic ranging from 160 daily visitors to over 5000. Google traffic means targeted people with most similar interest like your project targeted audience is and is provided from google itself upon approval, and by me upon request in inbox.

-I will provide exposure on more social networks commercial profiles and pages means exposing your project various commercial activity like buy/sell pages, popular profiles/groups across largest social network, twitter and linkedin business networks in order to increase reach of your project even more. Guaranteed visitors.

-Snapchat shoutout is service on fastest growing new social network that grows every day and has over 200 million daily active users whose conversion rates to money are among highest in advertising world so having exposure here means drastic increase in potential for getting your project heard by large audiences. One time delivery.

-Blast your solo ads or email ads to big targeted list with more than 10 million people is amazing way of covering even more of potential market for your campaign, service or product.One time delivery.

-I will provide 500 HQ PR9-PR10 Social Signals Backlink Beginner Pack means:

-Basic 1320 Social Signals to help you boost awareness of your project even more and it means:
PACKAGE INCLUDES (1320 Social Signals):

175 Twitter ReTweets (PR-10
175 Twitter Likes (PR-10)
625 Website Likes (PR-9)
120 Comments (PR-9)?
50 Website Share (PR-9)
100 Pinterest Likes (PR-9)
50 Pinterest Pins (PR)

For Contributions:
We do not contribute to gofundme projects or any other similar website where minimum contribution exceeds $3.

Add extras to your order

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*includes the price of the service

User Ratings

  • dtingsmart
    dtingsmart 3 days ago

    Very helpful! Thanks。

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you.

  • jorgepr26
    jorgepr26 6 days ago

    Fast and Excellent Process Thank you. I will use your services again.

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you. Feel free to use my services again.

  • Julieebean74
    Julieebean74 8 days ago

    Thank you so much!!!

    • TornadoFast

      You're welcome.

  • teriabailey1
    teriabailey1 14 days ago

    Thank u so very much

    • TornadoFast

      You're welcome.

  • rachealdrips
    rachealdrips 15 days ago

    great services 100% am so humbled.thank you

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you for your rating. If you need anything else feel free to come back any time

  • Julieebean74
    Julieebean74 21 days ago

    Where will my donations show? I don’t have Facebook but I do have Twitter.

    • TornadoFast

      The will show up on your project page when like minded people show up. Happy holidays

  • s8923314
    s8923314 24 days ago

    Good service

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you.

  • Casualike38
    Casualike38 1 month ago

    *****5 stars****** I would definitely rate 5 stars for the level of service, responsiveness to questions and feedback given from beginning to end on my campaign! SEOLads stepped up to support my efforts on Indiegogo to get funded.
    Infinity Health & Fitness Bracelet

    • TornadoFast

      Great buyer. Will gladly work again with him

  • Jguinnette
    Jguinnette 2 months ago

    Nothing ever happened. Looks like nothing was ever posted. just over 50 hits and it had nearly that when I purchased this.Had to open a dispute with Paypal. Please refund.

    • TornadoFast

      I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to you. You were posted and were given link for that to see for yourself. Please be sure to know possibilities and be real when purchasing basic service as it covers only 5 days of limited exposure. If you want better results please consider covering larger market share. No refund will be issued for this case.

  • Sahraletta
    Sahraletta 2 months ago

    That’s awesome and I love everything you wrote. Thank you again for helping!


    • TornadoFast

      Great. Thank you. Best wishes and may this Christmas be the best this family had until now.

  • ionufi
    ionufi 2 months ago

    the campaign link that you sed me it's not working
    you have the good one in the first message

  • Colugo1977
    Colugo1977 3 months ago

    Ok, sounds good thank you.

    • TornadoFast

      Great buyer and above all, polite one. Highly recommend to any seller.

  • Lauren4883
    Lauren4883 3 months ago

    Perfect thank u so very much I have just followed both of your pages

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you. I am glad to see that you are satisfied. If you need more of my services do not hesitate to order. After all your project really needs as much boost as possible.

  • AhmedKhalaf
    AhmedKhalaf 3 months ago

    This Gentleman is simply an amazing person, he has such a big heart and therefore works with a heart. If anyone ever needs a service, make sure to deal with this man right here. He is not only worth 5 stars but 100 stars for sure.

    Thank you.Tornado Fast.

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you for those kind words. I am glad to have you among my satisfied customers. Come again if you need more services

  • BlowUpPromo
    BlowUpPromo 4 months ago

    We had a great experience with this seller and our team is truly grateful for his help to make our campaign fully funded. Strongest recommendation from us. Before he hired him we had zero donations but with his help we reached our goal. Thank you once again and looking forward to cooperate again in future. If you want to support us, here is our project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/manta-sleep-mask-world-s-1st-modular-eye-mask-travel-health--2#/

    • TornadoFast

      Happy to be of service. Come again and we will see some discount

  • SunshineGirl
    SunshineGirl 4 months ago

    I didn't believe that this was this good service. I hired them for my project and they delivered fast and without hassle. Even I couldn't put it better. My project run to success with them in no time. I am so glad. If someone is reading this also please support us here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/blazepod-supercharge-your-workouts-fitness#/

    • TornadoFast

      It is always a pleasure when I see my client satisfied. Gld to have you among many of my successful ones.

  • Cherisamfletche
    Cherisamfletche 4 months ago

    Looks ok. Though I’m a woman so if you can change man to woman that would be great. Thank you!

  • Barboza6141
    Barboza6141 4 months ago

    love it..... I will order this again and tell my friends. I give them 5 stars

    • TornadoFast

      Thank you. Great buyer.

  • MISahnov
    MISahnov 4 months ago

    This is bullshit. Had my info with a wrong link half the time. I asked him to correct it and it still wasn’t. On the times that the link was correct it had wrong info, I ask him to correct that and he didn’t. All his followers are either fake or inactive. I got more views by sharing the page myself then this guys 35k twitter followers and 15k Facebook followers. I got maybe 15 views from this service in a week and I bet it was all from him. Waste of money. Complete bullshit. Don&rsqu

Buyers Comments

  • TornadoFast

    As I know I am not from Russia I am from Montenegro and deffinitely not Russian. I post you one time on my profile for basic service as stated in my offer, and I clearly stated on the beggining READ EVERYTHING first and if you still don't know something please contact me first..

    3 years ago
  • apache13

    im trying to figure out how to contact you i would like you to post my gofund me to more people but wanted you to read it first

    2 years ago
  • apache13

    this i smy gofund me https://www.gofundme.com/justice4cephus thisis my gofund me i need know a lawyer and my son has no head stone

    2 years ago
  • cploera15

    Classic Truck Restoration
    Campaign started April 10, 2015
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Chris Loera

    3 years ago
  • roxhill121

    I would like to purchase your service but I have two funds on my account. I'd like to promote this one: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/mikaela-s-grs-fund/x/10573599. How do I put that in my purchase order? Or is this enough?

    Thank you,

    3 years ago
  • Icedancer487

    I am very satisfied , thank you so much for the help. I would defiantley recommend you to everyone that i know.

    3 years ago
  • Leagueofrengo

    I want to order but I was wondering how you will get the gofundme link?

    3 years ago
  • Kashdoll

    I will like to order, but I have two accounts I have a indiegogo account and an gofundme, but I'll like to promote the gofundme page http://tw.gofund.me/8bwctmww How would I get started?

    2 years ago
  • bornwinner79

    Hello, I'm Monica

    Please contact me on twitter @mo_skee I need to verify the status of my order.

    Thank you,

    Monica M

    2 years ago
  • Avevitus

    Hi Marina,
    It might be interesting to have your service for crowdfunding. Before make a purschace please let me know where and how I can put my crowdfunding compain link. My project : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/avevitus-help-children-grow#/story.

    2 years ago
  • jsinnorai

    I'm not sure what is going on but I am trying to contact you via the email that was sent to me. When i click on the link your messages/chats don't show up but a page with MORE products appear. Please tell me that I am not being jipped out of my money. I also don't see a link to contact you anywhere on this page. Furthermore I have already paid $15 for the basic serice. Please get back to me ASAP.

    2 years ago
  • jsinnorai

    ^This is my campaign link.

    2 years ago
  • apache13

    HOW do do i get you my link to my gofundme once i pay you

    2 years ago
  • Huangro

    Hi Marina I purchased the basic and I have been trying to contact you through twitter and I haven't gotten a response.. I just want to make sure that you received my order and that you are in the process of helping my campaign. Thanks. And I hope to hear from you soon

    2 years ago
  • bacalhaukeralho

    I paid 16$ to promote my project http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bacalhau-karalho-mom-salt-cod-fish-recipes?tk=c21895c38174fd9e4e5048063da269ce25f0b01e and till today i had nothing, here its no email that i can contact customer service. can someone tell me if this is just an SCAM????????????????

    2 years ago
  • TornadoFast

    With all due respect your order wasn't even processed until today, or more precisely in last half an hour, so there was no chance to experience any result in such a short time frame so in other words BE PATIENT and wait at least a few days before making conclusions.
    Also for such price you get an increase of visitors for 5 days on both facebook and twitter and a CHANCE of getting financed. There are people that regularly pay over $120 for more advanced promotions so this is just for your reference on what to expect for just $26. Have a great day

    2 years ago
  • QW0n9

    Excuse me... https://t.co/aJ9KbZMmgl contribute to indiegogo & give comment ??

    2 years ago
  • TornadoFast

    I am sorry but please purchase my services for promotion.

    2 years ago
  • QW0n9

    i will purchase but later.. and promise me that you will contribute and give comment...

    2 years ago
  • TornadoFast

    I always do as stated in my initial offer. Whenever you are ready.

    2 years ago
  • AngelaBingham17

    i bought your services and was told would see something today. well still nothing. i will be homeless with my grandson in 4 days and i bought this back on sept 8. https://gofundme.com/helpRilannAngela so thanks alot

    1 year ago
  • FabLab

    Hi, How I can submit my funding link with the order?

    1 year ago
  • mike1423

    He did great. I highly recommend this one than anyone.

    5 months ago
  • xHelloSweetie11

    I purchased the basic and added an extra to my order.. and I have been trying to contact you through twitter and I haven't gotten a response.. I just want to make sure that you received my order and that you are in the process of helping my campaign. Thanks. And I hope to hear from you soon

    5 months ago
  • TornadoFast

    It is possible that i didn't see your message in time as I get hundreds of messages across my twitter profiles and it is always better to contact any seller on his store messaging system or inmail instead on social networks. Work on your project is now in progress.

    5 months ago
  • needinghelp17

    Hod do I know if my payment was received and how do you get our link?

    4 months ago
  • Aloyscious

    I want to start the project of growing apples.this project needs $790000 to start.so I request you to fund my project.my contact +256787855267

    15 days ago
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