Do what makes you money, then work on side projects.

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Do what makes you money, then work on side projects.

There are a ton of people out there that work on 10 different things to figure out what starts making money.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it stretches you too thin and you could miss a few golden nuggets.  Instead, focus on what is making some money and scale it up in order to be as successful as possible with it, then try to automate it as much as possible.  After you have some automation up and running, saving you time each and every day, move onto another project and see what you can do with it. 

Stop working on side projects when your main project isn't as successful as possible.  People are always doing this because they're thirsty for profits.  They chase money and forget to be faithful to what started putting cash into their bank accounts in the first place. 

Make money, then work on other things
If you have a day job and want to go online full time, you should never leave the job that pays you each week or every other because you have big dreams online.  If you quit before your online ventures are making more than your stable income, you're not the brightest person out there and you're likely going to fail. 

If you're already online full time because you have something successful already, be sure that it's the best it can get and has all the clients it possibly can before you start to push your time into a side project that can be just as successful.

If you can't wait to put time into another venture, hire someone to manage your current one that is already making money so you don't miss anything.  Yes, you will need to bring someone on to do this because you won't want to split your time between 2 ventures, this is because you'll be less successful and productive when having to work 2 jobs.  If you're making enough to start a new venture and not hire someone to work on the first, you're not making enough to start a new venture lol.

New ventures can wait a few hours
Your current job or business that is paying you regularly should ALWAYS be your priority because your side venture can wait a few hours before you show it some attention.  This is because your current situation doesn't involve any profits coming from your side ventures, which means your profitable ventures need more attention.

Your side venture will always be there, it will grow eventually, and you need to see it as your side project and not the main source of income just yet.  Focus on the main and put a few hours a week into your secondary if you need to.

Procrastination doesn't matter, profits do

You may think you're simply procrastinating when it comes to your side projects or ventures, but if you're building up your current project you will need to pay more attention to it.  Sure, you may have a bunch of ideas for your side project, but it's not making you any money right now which means you don't have time to avoid your main source of income right now.

If you're procrastinating to the point where you aren't working on anything, for your main or side venture, you need to get off your ass and get to work lol Do what makes you money, then work on side projects.

In conclusion
Think about it, if you're putting a bunch of time into your second venture before your first is profitable, it's like having a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old child but trying to potty train the 1-year-old while the older kid goes to the bathroom in his pants.  You're focusing on the wrong tasks in the wrong area, and that's going to be a shitty situation lol Do what makes you money, then work on side projects.

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