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  • webpage design with complete functions activation
i need someone that knows ,how to make me a video page for making possible to upload on the site the embedded videos from youtube for all users.
At the moment this page is not created ,so you must have some original idea how to make the page look great.
This is has to be done in 1 day.
It is very simple ,read under what i need in details.


Create the new videos page for WP-only youtube embeded videos from youtube
Add the Plugin that i'll purchase
Activate all functions for it
The users must be able to upload embedded videos and admin will check after that,no manual verification required.
All social network and sharing buttons to be active
You have to make a nice page so that makes sense to all visitors about the site -Art platform
You must be able to add an original way of integration of videos (about 21 per page)
All users must be able to share,comment,vote,and see the views counts,report abuse of illegal video content.
p.s.basically the plugin it's having all these already integrated.
all you must make possible is to :
-have a header banner,video ads on one side,ads link under each video,some additional text for each video as explanation,etc
I'll tip extra if i'm impressed.
You get a bigger order for my future website if i'll be completely happy of your work and i'll leave a fantastic comment for you.

Skills Required

Wp Webdesign Siteoptimazati


$ lvl.
i will make simple website for you
I will make simple website for you
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  • Sagar1008

    need the page mate read instructions

    3 years ago