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  • create a small php applicatio
i want a little script that work as following rules:
this script is to follow cars maintenance and oil replacement :
date de vidange: 22/5/2015
starting kilometre: 18500 km
ending kilometer: 21500km
car number: seb 223
car type : toyota hilux
chauffeur: john
chauffeur phone number: 123456

this is the core of the scipt
now the way sctipt must work is when the ending kilometers reach the wanted kilometre i recieve a reminder email


php or any other programing language that fit the needs to create this script

Skills Required

Php Androiddevelop Anything Programming Webdesign


$ lvl.
I will do php application
Hai i can do this very quickly.
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i can do this for you
I can do this php application for you
let me know

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