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This is unlike any other service you have come across on seolads.

If you had been doing SEO for your website for any length of time, you know that it can take months or even years to get ranked for several keywords. Then, even when you do get ranked you don’t quite get the response you were expecting.

But what if there was a way for you get dozens (if not hundreds) of your keywords ranked on the first page of Google in as little as 72 hours?

Well, that’s exactly what we can do for you. And all without relying on short-lived, ineffective and sometimes harmful SEO methods.

Now, the rankings you receive from this service come from a number of “Media sites” that we’re affiliated with, including NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. So, we’re really ranking the “publications” that mention your company, products and/or services. And not your website…although your site too will benefit from the 500+ high authority media site links that it receives in the process. These authority links can in turn push your site up the rankings too, although we don’t guarantee that.

Our objective is to get your products and services a substantial amount of traffic and exposure. We accomplish this by leveraging the power, the trust and the influence of the media. And due to this “trust factor”, it takes very little time to get many of your keywords to show up on the first page of Google (and other search engines) in very little time.

But there are several caveats that need mentioning:

1.We primarily go after keywords that Google don’t make public.

Yes. Google has a vast pool of “small keywords” that they avoid making public for a number of reasons. For starters these “relatively small keywords”generate little or no revenue for Google through AdWords. Secondly it helps to keep the “search engines” relatively clean of spam.

But these “small keywords” when ranked by the hundreds add up to be a considerable amount of regular traffic. And when we repeat the process month after month, we can pretty much start monetizing the traffic from these “smaller keywords”. When you have one first page ranking for a keyword, you get just one slice of the traffic pie. When you have several first page rankings for the same term, you get that much more. Obviously, the “monetizing aspect” only kicks after you had been doing this for a while.

2.The service costs $397/month.

Click here if you prefer our non-subscription service instead…

3.You don’t get to choose the keywords. We have come up with a time-tested keyword research method whereby we come up with around 1000 or more “smaller keywords” to work with. Small keywords are easier to work with since they have relatively less competition. This brick-by-brick approach is far more effective (especially since you get results in as little as 72 hours) than the typical “go big and fail big” approach used by most people. You may also know that this popular “go big or go home” approach also makes little or no ground after months and sometimes even years down the line.

Now you have to decide if this something you’re willing to commit to long term. And whether investing a mere $397 to “having a team of hundreds of salespeople working for you around the clock, recommending your products and services to your prospects” is a worthwhile investment. Yes. Each media publication that we put out is precisely that: A salesperson that you employ for a few mere pennies for life.

If that’s too broad of a narrative, you can determine the cost-worthiness of this service by asking yourself one question: “If this service brings in 5-10 new customers a month, would the lifetime value of these new customers outweigh the amount we pay for the subscription?”.

Once you’ve answered that question and you’re ready to proceed, I’ll send you a form to fill out some details of your Business so that we can include them in our media coverage.

By the way, the potential “new customer” volume mentioned above is just an estimation. These numbers can vary based on the demand of the products and/or services you offer.

Kindly note that you the results mentioned above takes around 72 hours to show after the "publishing phase". The "publishing phase" which entails the writing and distribution process of the media content, takes around 5-10 Business days by itself.

And yes, we do GUARANTEE a minimum of 100 x First Page Rankings on Google upon work completion within the terms stated above.

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