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Dear Internet friend,

Want to turn your content into cash ?

If you have a content site that's ready to be taken to the next level.... Or if you even have the slightest hint that creating content sites could be right for you...

...make sure you take this income opportunity seriously.

Google Adsense has proven for many who are looking to make money online - it's better to display ads than to place ads. Just take a look at the advantages...
  • No need to search for untapped markets or take a chance creating products that may or may not sell.
  • You don't have to deal with customers, EVER!
  • You can still make a substantial income just from displaying ads (some earn as much as $40,000 per/month!)
  • Here's how it works: Google Adsense lets you place ads on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you make money!

How To Take Advantage Of Google Adsense And Profit!

Thousands of marketers really are making substantial incomes from Google Adsense alone. In my special report, you'll discover...
  • An inside look into how Google chooses the ads placed on your website (crucial to the moneymaking process).
  • 3 reasons your website should be using Google Adsense (and nothing else) right now.
  • How to keep your competitor's ads from showing up on your website.
  • How to let visitors search the web from your site (and profit while they do it)
  • The simple mathematical formula behind Adsense that makes you cash. (And makes some Google Adsense users up to $40,000.00 a month.)
  • The trick to creating a website Google will love (and will end up making you the most profits with).
  • How to format your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)!
  • Where to place your ads for maximum exposure (there's a technique to it).
  • 5 tips to selecting super-keywords that bring in visitors that are ready to click.
  • 2 rules for creating and finding quality content.
  • How to use Google's built-in features to track your results and formulate your game plan.
  • How to make sure you don't get in trouble with Google. (Many have!)
  • 12 do's and don'ts for your (long) journey with Google Adsense.
  • The secret to using RSS feeds and Blogs to maximize your Adsense dollars. And believe me, that's far from all.

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Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Make Sense of Google AdSense – and make money !
  3. - What is Google AdSense ?
  4. - AdSense is an application of AdWords beyond Google.com
  5. - How the Ads Get On Your Site
  6. - Google AdSense programs: Choose your weapon(s) !
    • AdSense for content
    • Blocking Ads – you choose
    • Reviewing and filtering Ads – semi-automatic
    • Allowing the publisher to select an ad
    • The look-and-feel of Ads can be customized
    • Tools for analysis
    • AdSense for Search
    • Google AdSense Premium service

  7. How much can I make with AdSense and how do I get started ?
  8. Part 1: Join the AdSense Program
  9. - Understanding Google policies
  10. - Content – The Key to AdSense !
  11. Part 2: The 5-Step Plan to Success
  12. - Step 1 - Formatting Ad Blocks
  13. - Step 2 - Ad Placement
  14. - Step 3 - Researching Keywords
  15. - Step 4 - Developing Content
  16. - Step 5 - Tracking and Reports
    • URL Channels
    • Custom Channels
    • Server Logs

  17. Part 3: Summary and Additional Resources
  18. - AdSense Do’s and Don’ts
    • Do’s
    • Don’ts

  19. - Two More AdSense Opportunities: RSS and Blogs
    • Adding Google Ads to your RSS feeds
    • Placing AdSense ads on your Blogs

  20. Summary
  21. - Further AdSense Resources
  22. - Tools and Scripts
  23. - AdSense Information Websites and Tutorials

Excerpt from the eBook

Discover How to Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash !

As a successful web publisher looking to get to the next level, you are probably thinking about trying a number of different approaches to increasing revenue – especially your passive revenue, the money that just “shows up” from time to time while you focus on other things. You may be considering various forms of internet advertising. And you should.

Internet advertising has exceeded all expectations. The technology keeps advancing, and the popularity and ubiquity of the medium is incredible. Most companies can benefit from the Internet because it allows the chance to reach a global audience at never-before-possible speeds, with many kinds of filters to make sure the right audience sees the right message, and costs that are often surprisingly low. But many businesses make money online in ways that have very little to do with their own actual business, but with systems that connect various companies and offerings together.

You may be wondering how to make money easily with online advertising, and you have come to the right place !...

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