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Thank you for the purchase of Ultimate Money Making Guide. My name is ALIXP
This whole PDF is designed to help you read and do methods with ease.
You can access any of the methods by either clicking the page number below or click on the name of the method you want to read.
Due to security reasons it had to be this way. Also, throughout the whole
eBook you'll see your payment details as well as HF account link
watermarked to prevent leaking.
Below you'll find everything you need to know, good luck and as always if you need assistance let me
know.First of all, I want to thank you for purchasing this step-by-step
guide. You finally found a guide to start making money out of CPA
immediately! I know you can not wait anymore to read this and set up
your campaign, or maybe a few of them, but let me just give you a brief
introduction about this guide.
I suppose that you are either a beginner or you have already discovered the power of CPA and know how
much money you can make potentionally in this industry. You read it
right, industry! People are making anywhere from 4 to 6 figures each
month out there just by promoting CPA offers. The story began when a
simple idea bumped into my head. I stopped doing everything and started
implementing the idea that has just come in my mind. It took roughly 1
hour to set it all up and find the persons to outsource this. I had
spent 10$ and everything was set. I had to wait until the next day to
start getting the results. I couldnt stop thinking about the outsourced
campaign I had just set up, I was like „nah this wouldnt work as I
thought“. So the next day I logged into my CPA account and simply
couldnt believe my eyes, 453$ in less than 12 hours. A simple process
which took me 1 hour each time made me 453$ over night!
Do not worry, I'm about to tell you the exact steps the exact method that made me
more than 8500$ in 5 months as well as my own case study so you can see
how easy it is to implement and suprisingly how much money you can
potentionally make. However, this method is completely scalable! Set
more campaigns and make more money, it's that simple.
This guide includes 3 parts. First, I will tell you how to pick a converting CPA
offer. This part is very important since it could easily double (triple)
your earnings. In the second section, I will tell you how to set up the
technical side of the campaign in details.
The third part is about outsourcing the boring stuff! In this part I will tell you how to find
people and how to approach them to have them do the boring stuffs for
you. Actually you can do the boring part yourself but I would never do. I
hate doing boring tasks that’s why I outsource them.
You can find your own service providers to outsource but remember that you may have
hard time searching for the people that won’t scam you! Probably you
need to test 5-6 persons by paying them the money to find your golden
Finally, just wait and see your results. This is probably the best part of the plan since you will see the money flowing into your
CPA account in less than 12 hours.
Also I included a „Twist and Tweak“ part in this report to let you know how to optimize the campaign
and even earn more money than I did!
I hope you enjoy reading the guide and start implementing the strategy as soon as you finish the guide.

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