These are 50 Private Blog Network (PBN) Posts
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After finish the PBN posts, I'll create 250 Web2.0 Profiles For 50 PBN Posts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept non English language?
A: Yes, I accept but the articles will be in ENGLISH and having an anchor text link with your provided keywords.

Q: Which niche do you accept?
A: We accept all niches expect ADULT, PORN and any illegal activity.

Q: Will you send full report?
A: Yes, of course. I'll send full report.

If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to contact me!


All the Best,
LukasMGK - Trusted Seller on seolads​

User Ratings

  • Yutakimori
    Yutakimori 1 year ago

    Delivered as promised, hoping to see results after a month. Thanks so much seller!

    • LukasMGK


  • dubaicitycompan
    dubaicitycompan 2 years ago


    I have done Order from this guy 2x, so after a 3 weeks I though this gonne be it, OK and another thing he advice me TO get that and that and that.. I went this way and WHat I can say about this guy..

    No.1 I have call to my IT guy saying check a Links, he say they all good and well done very smart way!
    No.2 PBN - Very Good deal in extras
    No.3 I was doing SEO for little keywords - but not that easy and in fure will work well for me! -->> Dubai City Jobs <-

    • LukasMGK

      Thanks friend

  • bleikan
    bleikan 2 years ago

    it's not a very good service, the links are of poor quality, some of them are not indexed in google, and gives you the same sites that a user named barryinsiam, apparently are not their sites and buy a provider of links and only resell the most expensive service, I not recommend it as your site will not win position. ​This service can be found at fiver for 5 dollars. only resells the most expensive service. 

  • semseo
    semseo 3 years ago

    Good Site, strong service

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you

  • semseo
    semseo 3 years ago


    • LukasMGK

      Thank you again

  • piotrmarcin
    piotrmarcin 5 years ago

    hi can you send me at least one url so that I know the work is done. For all I know u have just sent me a blank url picture? How to give u feedback for that?

    • LukasMGK

      No, I Just send screen shoot of my work. Sorry, I can't send full report because these are my private blog network.

  • nowtime8
    nowtime8 5 years ago


    • LukasMGK

      This is No Rating

  • performance2
    performance2 5 years ago

    Its ok, but better would look English anchors first and then Polish anchors in parentheses.

    • LukasMGK


  • mamun5050
    mamun5050 5 years ago

    Delivered as promised. Hopefully come back to you again.

  • peddyc
    peddyc 6 years ago

    Thumbs up!

  • cheerii
    cheerii 6 years ago

    Got it ! thanks A++

  • tikaPP
    tikaPP 6 years ago

    awww!!! instant delivery!!

  • jejeje99
    jejeje99 6 years ago

    got it ! thank you very much

  • aweso123
    aweso123 6 years ago


    • LukasMGK

      My Pleasure...

  • lollypop
    lollypop 6 years ago

    got it.... top lists

  • sukabayu
    sukabayu 6 years ago

    all are working, thanks

    • LukasMGK

      of course!

Buyers Comments

  • hydride

    Hello. What is the average PA of your sites?

    5 years ago
  • seorado

    please give me some sample links

    3 years ago
  • LukasMGK

    No sample provided...
    You can try one


    3 years ago
  • bleikan

    could you give me some examples of sites that publish?


    3 years ago
  • LukasMGK

    How many sample do you need?

    3 years ago
  • bleikan

    Just 10 to see the quality of the sites.


    3 years ago
  • sinsemila

    I understand you won't share your network, one question; can i see these PBN link in google analytics, do you block google analytics too?

    2 years ago
  • LukasMGK

    I'll send full report for all link which will be needed.

    2 years ago
  • Examhot002

    Will i get login details for the created pbn posts and web2.0 profile accounts

    4 months ago
  • poipetcom

    can you give me a sample??
    20 sample of PBN

    4 months ago
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