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If you have any question about the service.

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User Ratings

  • TaylorCondrin
    TaylorCondrin 4 hours ago

    Very good quality and responsiveness. Will order from again.

  • TaylorCondrin
    TaylorCondrin 4 hours ago

    Tremendous product. Would highly recommend!

  • eternaldreamer
    eternaldreamer 11 hours ago

    Thanks again! I recommend this seller and this service. If you need quality private blog network links this is a great resource!

  • anonlineninja
    anonlineninja 21 hours ago

    Great seller in terms of communication and support!
    And links are good considering the pricing.

    • aqibarif74


  • jadoon79
    jadoon79 1 day ago

    Thanks. Looking for best result, if result comes best then I will give you more work.Thanks

  • marcodp1
    marcodp1 3 days ago

    Serviço realizado com sucesso.

  • huskies84
    huskies84 5 days ago

    Looks good. Thank you for the links!

  • ms79
    ms79 5 days ago

    None of these pages are index in google searches so how will they help?

    • aqibarif74

      Hello mate, 

      They are newly made posts. It takes time to be indexed. 

  • nasser89
    nasser89 7 days ago

    thanks i'm looking forward for the result i will get back to you soon .. hope i can get good result .. apparently the link are okey .. as you promised .. seeing you soon with great quality work thanks Again sir.

  • huskies84
    huskies84 8 days ago

    Looking good. Thank you. Can't wait to see your work!

Buyers Comments

  • talakhali

    How many keywords do you accept and do you accept Arabic keywords?

    23 days ago
  • aqibarif74

    We accept upto 4 keywords. Yes, We accept Arabic Keywords.

    23 days ago
  • huskies84

    sample please for me as well. thank you

    20 days ago
  • serphustler

    Can I please have a look at a few samples?

    18 days ago
  • seorado

    Can I please have a look at a few samples?

    16 days ago

    hi how are you i whant i simple report of this service

    14 days ago
  • sprzetok

    Hello I'm intrested.

    Could you send me the sample to view ?

    13 days ago
  • seekfancy

    Could you send me the sample to view ?

    12 days ago
  • Seolizard

    What will be the Da, PA, TF, CF and spam score of the domain on which you will create backlinks for me?

    11 days ago
  • aqibarif74

    The average of PA/DA TF/CF of the domains which we will create backlinks for you.

    11 days ago
  • Seolizard

    What average? Kindly give me complete answer. Also tell us about the spam score. And send me samples

    11 days ago
  • seorad22

    Can you please share all the 12 PBN blogs

    8 days ago
  • aqibarif74

    Not before ordering. Can show a few sample links.

    8 days ago
  • bloggz

    can you show me sample pbns please before order?

    8 days ago
  • dibalamove

    Hello, I am interested. Please PM samples

    8 days ago
  • jadoon79

    I have gave an order for this project but it's cancelled, any reason

    6 days ago
  • aqibarif74

    Please contact support for the verification as they cancelled it.

    5 days ago
  • mrwick

    please send me some example to check it

    5 days ago
  • mrwick

    hello, i didn't receive it

    4 days ago
  • aqibarif74

    Please recheck. We sent you a while back.

    3 days ago
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