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  • 26k Twitter account to trade for 50,000 Youtube Subscribers
I am Looking to trade my 26k Twitter account User ______MGWV____ for a swap for 50,000 Youtube Subscribers to my YouTube Chanel. I currently gain 100+ followers per day, sometime up to 200+
I would like to gain 50k subscribers within 5 days of the twitter account swap... Need a min of 50,000 Chanel subscribers

Will Trade

26,000K followers - Twitter Account ______MGWV____, I gain 100+ people a day...

SCAM ARTIST "YourDailyLaughz" STOLE MY TWITTER ACCOUNT after transaction of exchange completed. I gave details of hand over whereas he blocked my twitter and did not go through. BUT STOLE THE ACCOUNT without any exchange as promised FRAUDULENT USER ABOUT TO BE BANNED ****WARNING****

YOURDAILYLAUGHZ committed FRAUD with my transaction DO NOT USE SCAMMER

Skills Required

Youtubeseoskil Youtubesub


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