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    Why is it when people sell subs they always guarantee 100% no drop will refill.... Yeah some people refill, others swear its not there subscribers dropping. It sure is annoying, and why is it always huge amounts of people unsubscribing all the time its never 5 unsubscribe its 40 or sometimes if I buy 100 subs, boom next day or even that same day 75 drop!!¡ doesnt look good for my youtube account when an amount unsubscribed and then thr seller refills, youtube will know something's up loose them then if they get replaced, that looks a little suspicious, dont let your subscribers drop in first place!!! Also I'm a good buyer when I place an order I expect it to be delivered quickly, a

    6 days ago

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    I recommend Cliffdimerandy
    Great buyer. I Love to work with a such honest professional Buyer. Any seller should serve him quality work without hesitation and get Super Recommendation. Thanks


    11 days ago

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