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    I did something funny yesterday.  I placed a service I am going to provide on SALE to get some reviews and likes. I am a 100% Level 3 Seller.  You have NO Idea how hard that is!! The regular price is $49 which is actually something I charge $250 for with my regular SEO Agency.  I went to put it on sale for $20 and forgot the Zero.  I Ended Up Charging $2.  The problem is that some of my best customers ordered the discounted service for $2.  I did not have the heart to tell them that I meant to charge $20.  It is funny as they all jumped all over it with multiple, multiple, multiple orders knowing I provide good quality. Because of the interest I am going to leave the price until I get 25

    2 days ago

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    This guy is great! The links are great and he offers a lot for a low price. Definitely the kind of person you want handling you seo. GigDaddy is the best!

    1 month ago