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    Ultra high quality traffic with Time targeting, 1min-5min duration, 10% or lower bounce rate, Country, state and city targeting, 10k views per day for 30 days, Organic, Social or Direct traffic, Language Targeting,  Desktop or mobile targeting, 100% safe and guaranteed. If you are interested leave us a message . New service coming soon .

    13 days ago

  • crjtb
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    I wanted to take a moment to commend ROOTX as conducting business the proper way on seolads!

    99% of the other providers seem to think that a job is "Complete" and "Ready" when they commence the job; That is not the case! Declaring "Your Order is Ready" prior to ACTUAL completion is against Ionicware rules. I don't expect providers to be legal experts, but I do expect them to follow simple common-sense rules.

    ROOTX is the ONLY SEOLads service provider who declares that "Your Order is Ready" ONLY when the job is ACTUALLY COMPLETE!

    If you are tired of services offering Unlimited Traffic for one month or more and a day later receiving a green "Your Order is Ready" message when the traffic has only been commenced (not completed) so they can collect their yet to be earned fee (which means that a service Buyer only has Five Days to Reject, and thereafter has NO RECOURSE), then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROOTX!

    ROOTX will ONLY advise that "Your Order is Ready" when the job is actually done, no matter how long the length of a traffic program offered, be it a finite number of visits or an Unlimited number of visits over a period of time. Bravo ROOTX! Well Done.

    6 days ago