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    1 year ago

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    Dear Tamanna,

    Thanks for the prompt delivery.

    But you have ignored the article I have submitted for uploading in the profile and the small description you have written is with spelling mistakes.

    How I desired the work to be done can be seen from the following link (I have edited the description posted by you.)


    Please also visit the following link to see that HTML tags are looking instead of anchor text in the description posted by you in the following link;

    Rest of the work is under inspection, and I will write my observation, please improve my work, for optimum results, if you can do so.

    Anyhow, my sincere thanks for the work you have done. I am giving my upvote and recommendation.

    But if you will convince me of the quality, I would like to continue to provide you SEO assignments.

    Awaiting response.


    Shakti Kumar Jain

    12 days ago