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    We have released new 2.1 version of YouTube BOT, all bug fixed and very nice new features! - Save proxy status, for obtain previous situation at re-opening; - Random user agent for each loop, for use random order on list; - Random proxy for each loop, for use random order on list; - Notifications for offline proxies, for know offline IP's; - New Ads clicker system, for make sure click correct element; Do not wait, update now or obtain YouTube BOT:

    1 month ago

  • whynot404
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    I recommend networkingidea Send the ID sooner. It has been 2 days now and I am unable to use the software because i do not have an ID number and it really frustrates me. I was so exxcited to use this but then no ID so I'm just waiting and i emailed you guys but nothing yet.

    9 months ago