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    4 years ago

  • DragonsADFire
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    WOW UNCLE SAM DISAPPOINTS YET AGAIN !! So just like any Advertising that seems False
    or Over Exaggerated UNCLE SAM IS YOUR GUY ! 1/2 of what you ask for will be Delivered
    the Other Half Who really Knows what happens to it ?? It most certainly won't get done
    and you will find yourself more Frustrated then before working with this Seller !!

    Now his Advertising is Clearly Bait and Switch ! Very Big in America and especially with this
    Government aka DEEP STATE ! So UNDERSTAND working with Uncle Sam here will make you
    rethink EVERYTHING !!!! NOT A REC FROM THIS BUYER !!! Hire at your own RISK !! YOU'VE BEEN
    TOLD THE TRUTH !! But 1/2 did get Delivered so maybe there is a Kink in Uncle SAMS Communication.

    11 months ago