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    UPDATE NEWS : Twitter done their recent term update including Algorithm, Policy etc. Following that update Twitter include other all Social Site start Update and changing their Method and Policy . In that case Twitter services Progressing little slowly than before and also delaying Followers count on Profile. THIS PROBLEM FROM TWITTER SITE ITSELF. All Providers facing same issue due to Twitter update. We are sending Followers slowly with Safeway. So little issue at the moment. But no worries. We are here to serve you The Best and Safe Service. Sorry for the Inconvenience. Please keep patience to complete orders.

    27 days ago

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    I purchased 5k followers and it's been 3 days. I m literally refreshing the page and watching them decrease now down 3835. I neglected my twitter account my entire career as a soundclick producer (top#100) owner of and it is important for me to know i get the expected return off every penny invested in my business and my social image. I read carefully the details of the services after it went down to 4k i was like eh whatever but now im getting kind of pissed off. Could you please assist me. Thank you.

    16 hours ago