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    Amazing Fast, Renewable Reliable, Dedicated Windows RDP VPS are available on reasonable price with full administrator access. 2GB RAM Dedicated, Intel Xeon Processor, 40 GB SSD Storage, 3TB Month Bandwidth, Licensed Windows Server 2008 or 2012 Dedicated IP, Renewable VPS. We are providing legal and genuine resources therefore there is no chance to lose any data or vps down issue. you will get 99.99% uptime with High Speed Internet upto 1GBPS PORT. You can run any legal software. VPS Locations available: UK, France, Germany and Italy We are also offering USA based RDP VPS Check into my service of seoclerks

    2 years ago

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    Successful order,HQ servers at an affordable price. Certainly my recommendation to buy this services,
    i am happy with this services, hope this will work fine 30 days and i will order again when i need more RDP servers,

    Thank you,
    Regards TruthFul

    2 years ago

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