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    Notice: About the delay of recent delivery of Super Sell 2016 -Google Influencing 426+Do Follow Backlink-400 SBM + 26 PR9-2High Authority backlink Service Dear Customer, First of all , I am so sorry for the delay, This is the time to explain the problem, You bought 426+ backlinks which contain 26 manually created Profile Backlinks and 400 Social Bookmarks, The delay of this order is the reason of Social Bookmark, Suddenly without any notice our bookmarks website’s hosting company out of business, they even not replying and our all sites are down because of them, we waited a week and made you wait and requested many times to  fix the issue, even their website is also down, i cannot co

    2 years ago

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    Hello, i am marking this as complete. Thank you for your work.
    However i realized that there are some errors, some of these links are showing the url as http, my website has an ssl certificate and the structure is installed as HTTPS, thus some of the functions do not work as if the link is parsed as http.
    I'd be happy if you can fix http to https.

    1 month ago