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    Hi. I have decided to stop selling services on Seoclerks as they are unable to do what they are supposed to do. Take responsibilities for p a y p a l disputes. They blame it on the seller instead, ignoring what they are charging sellers 20% commission for. So, if you wish to get youtube likes, twitter registered accounts, web 2.0s backlinks, scrape websites, and much more, my s k y p e id is vibes.yb.  It was a good run. I even asked them to connect me with Jordan. But an employee named Beverly refused to do so. That's how employees bring down large companies. Always check out at what they are doing.

    2 months ago

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    Hello guys,
    To be honest I thought this wont work, but i was wrong... It works like a charm. I order 5 times this same "Service" and it's just a great deal. Thanks to the seller for this great job.

    6 months ago