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Boost your YouTube SEO now with a mix of 1000 Embedded Blog Posts and Top Social Media Networks posts!

All you know, that the YouTube SEO linkbuilding plan necessarily need to include embeds and social signals strategy.
This amazing package is created to help you in this difficult YouTube SEO matter.
Embeds on Top Tld Domains and posts in SociaI Networks are indexed by Youtube and Google. They are a part of Youtube's & Google's Ranking Factors.
Video with lots of embeds and social signals is a signal of user-interaction and quality.
Using this service you will increase your SociaI Engagement!

What can you expect:
Your link will get 1,000 Embeds from at least 100 websites and this will be proven with a report containing every single link.

What we need from you and what will be used to create this?
  1. Video title (we can also copy that from the video itself) we will build backlinks and signals with it
  2. 5 keywords that you want for your video to rank, that we will use to build backlinks and signals


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  • drock
    drock 27 days ago


    • QuidTask

  • drock
    drock 27 days ago


    • QuidTask

  • dimynardy
    dimynardy 2 months ago

    Amazing Work as usual! Thank you again!

  • maryjanee
    maryjanee 2 months ago

    i sent messages but thy were not answered. i only got 545 video embeds. no posts on blogs and no social signals. i asked for an explanation but never got it. did you forget to make the posts? please explain.

  • cbonia
    cbonia 2 months ago

    Ok, good. Thanks!

  • chanvanda
    chanvanda 2 months ago

    Thank so much bro
    I want backlink more videos

  • dimynardy
    dimynardy 2 months ago

    Amazing Work! Thank you so much!

  • idealmike
    idealmike 2 months ago

    Ah cheers brother! A+++

  • advdmsameer
    advdmsameer 2 months ago

    Nice work, will keep coming for more.

  • Dude45
    Dude45 5 months ago

    Job well done thank you very much.

Buyers Comments

  • stevew

    Can you do vimeo embeds? I have a vimeo video...It is also mature content...

    2 years ago
  • hoorthoughts

    is it ok to embed this video ?
    ready to order, waiting for yes please.

    2 years ago
  • bossfather

    I have client who has videos that his video need organic links and hopefully this will increase his view, he has some view some more other less, base on your experiece what are the likely hood he can get a flow of stead views all year round and how much on the average video views are on 1000 links or how much do the average in views?

    1 year ago
  • konkmeng

    Hi Brother can i see your url blog?

    11 months ago
  • kaledrayne

    i have a video channel.
    can my url be embedded ?


    9 months ago
Get 1000 YouTube Embeds and Signals on 100 Blogs and 50 PR9 Social Sites for your video is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 500 user reviews.
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