YouTube SEO Embeds is a service that provides High Quality Video Embeds designed to boost your video Rank and SEO on YouTube, Google & Other Search Engines and bring you organic views and likes to your video. It also increases SERP.

Includes: Private Blog Network backlinks, your Video Emeded on the blog post, your video description added.
Perfect for: New YouTube Videos, Ranking OLD Videos, SERP Boost & many more things...

What exactly we will create?
  • 100 Blog Embeds
  • 50 Top Social Networks Embeds

Plus Link Juice from Social Media and Promotion
  • Promotion to 1,000,000 Real and Active people
  • This package contains promotion to aged social properties that will promote you and bring traffic from our followers base of real and active followers on aged properties, profiles and websites.

It's useful for:
  • Making your video more popular
  • Improving SEO rankings of videos in Youtube and Google
  • Brand exposure
  • Affiliate marketing advertising
  • Just making more money!

Delivery information and type of report
  • The service is marked as complete once all the video embeds and social links are created - we do not promise an exact amount of how much views and likes your video will get as this is an organic service for Video Embeds. If you need an exact & guaranteed amount of views, it's available as an extra at a very low price.
  • The report we use is designed for the SEOLads delivery system and available online inside the order. It contains direct links for the 100 PBN Video Embeds and for the remaining 50 Social Embeds, we include links of the social profiles/websites that created the embeds, you can find the embeds there by scrolling and looking at the posts created on the delivery date.
  • For resellers, we also have additional high quality & detailed Excel reports. If you are outsourcing, we recommend the PRO report that is available as an extra.

Terms of Use & Rules:
  • No split, one link per one order
  • You can't use another seller here and blame me if the stuff they did dropped
  • No revisions or refills in case of updates by the website
  • No refunds - Video may receive views or likes but they can't be guaranteed. Naturally, we can't control visitor's actions.

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User Ratings

  • htma
    htma 9 days ago

    Thank You for do what you do! good work - good Job. Have a great week and best HTMA

  • johnm123
    johnm123 22 days ago

    Great job! Thanks

    • QuidTask

  • HulkDonut
    HulkDonut 24 days ago

    Very fast delivery thanks!

    • QuidTask

  • Cuongtube
    Cuongtube 26 days ago

    Completed orders! However your service takes too much time !!
    I need to continue to follow the quality of your service !!

    • QuidTask

  • Cuongtube
    Cuongtube 26 days ago

    Completed orders
    However your service takes too much time !!
    I need to continue to follow the quality of your service !!

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  • Canaanseo
    Canaanseo 28 days ago

    Great seller! Always efficient and prompt in delivery. Will use continuously. Thanks

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  • armia
    armia 29 days ago

    Thanks for the response, great job, I am gonna be your long-term client, Thanks

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  • Caduco
    Caduco 1 month ago

    gladly again.

    • QuidTask

  • jatinnehra
    jatinnehra 1 month ago

    i still can't see much change in views ranking etc :/ but hoping that in future it will benefit me

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  • Bikram007
    Bikram007 1 month ago

    Good work, but I never saw improve with your services!

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  • johnm123
    johnm123 1 month ago

    Very good job! Thanks

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  • ajwbiz
    ajwbiz 1 month ago

    outstanding, as advertised

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  • quangle247
    quangle247 2 months ago

    Hi there,
    I have a good question for you! I saw in the title of this package said that I will get 150 embeds and and promote to 1 Million real people to boost my Video SEO, Rank and SERP,
    is it right? Or I have to purchase the extra service to receive that
    promotion because I saw you selling the extra services underneath this service? It kind of confuse when I try to compare your other youtube
    seo services!

    • QuidTask

      It's already promoted to 1M on the social pages we have provided.

  • retzl
    retzl 2 months ago

    Good job. thx

    • QuidTask

Buyers Comments

  • e4ss

    for 5000 how many time need to complete?

    4 years ago
  • chiefy

    how are the comments created? do they make sense with video ? i had comments like --->>>> ; good , dsfdf, and other stupid comments that made on sense. so, this is why i ask

    2 years ago
  • chiefy

    also, retention? 5000, how many do get lost and no register ? youtube video shows 5000 but in the search the actual number comes up, does that happen with your work as well ?

    2 years ago
  • Alejandro79

    Is this real human traffic? Can those views be tracked on google adsense?

    1 year ago
  • yoyoyome

    can you start now if i order

    7 months ago
  • ppppppp

    Will this work for SoundCloud audio?

    7 months ago
  • diep

    youtube hi?n nay ? thay ??i. kênh ít subprise, có c?n mua view ? hay ch? c?n backlink là ?? . Tôi làm ch? ?? learn colors with doraemon có ph?i mua view hay backlink là ??. n?u c?n cho tôi h?i mua view nh? th? nào có th? top

    Youtube has now changed. Channel less subprise, do i need to buy view? Or backlink required. I do topic learn colors with doraemon whether to buy view or backlink is enough. If need ask me how to buy view can top

    4 months ago
Create 150 YouTube Video Embeds and promote to 1 Million real people that will boost your Video SEO, Rank and SERP is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 274 user reviews.
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